Speargun Bands / Rigging and Tools

Speargun Bands, Rigging & Tools - MAKO Spearguns speargun bands are the best speargun bands in the world. That’s because they are made for us by speargun band factory Primeline in Ohio. Dano has personally tested speargun bands from every continent and without a doubt, the MAKO Spearguns speargun bands are the best in the world. Our speargun bands are so good, some “not so nice people” sell cheap Chinese and European speargun bands and say their speargun bands are MAKO Spearguns speargun bands. This is why we use removable ink to put our name and logo on our speargun bands. If it does not say, MAKO Spearguns on your speargun bands, they are not the true high quality speargun bands from MAKO/Primeline.

MAKO Spearguns has the best selection of speargun rigging and accessories. We carry a full line of shooting line, speargun reel line, as well as high quality abrasion resistant speargun wishbones. Speargun accessories also included stainless steel crimpers as well as crimps and band tying line and MAKO also sells a complete speargun rigging kit with everything you need.

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