Weights / Weight Belts / Vests

Weights and Weight Belts - The MAKO Spearguns freedive weight belts are made specifically for freediving, but rapidly becoming popular with scuba divers wanting the benefits of a freedive belt. Freedive belts are popular because they stretch because they are made of rubber. Therefore, freedive belts are just as tight at depth as they are at the surface. This depth compensating feature found in rubber freedive belts means your belt does not loosen as you descend. And, the quick release safety feature found on the MAKO Spearguns freedive belts means they can be quickly and easily ditched in an emergency.

Weight Vests - The Quick Release Weight Vest distributes the weight across a broader section of your body, thus providing a leveling effect while reducing the stress on your lower back. Excellent for cold water diving where thicker wetsuits are used so more weights are needed.

For the best selection of freedive weight belts and vests, MAKO Spearguns is the place.

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