Spearguns, Spears, Reels, Speargun Accessories

mako-spearguns-made-in-south-africa.jpgManufactured in South Africa, MAKO SPEARGUNS are considered the best and strongest spearguns on the planet.  Our spearguns are much stronger than European spearguns because they are built for the harshest conditions in South Africa, and include the patented, 100% stainless steel Ermes Sub Double Roller Trigger Mechanism.  These speargun triggers are the strongest and most accurate trigger mechanism ever installed on a speargun and are far superior to older “friction triggers’ found on all European spearguns. 

MAKO SPEARGUNS also offers a full line of high performance speargun accessories, as our South African Spears, also manufactured in South Africa, as well as our South African Slip Tips, Reels and other speargun accessories such as speargun  bags and speargun building parts.

And, because MAKO only sells direct to divers, instead of dive shops (no dive shop markup), our prices are much lower. For example, our high performance spearguns with the Ermes Sub double roller trigger mechanisms, actually cost less than European spearguns with old school friction triggers.  That’s the MAKO Spearguns advantage.  A super strong South African Speargun with the Ermes sub double roller trigger mechanism for less than the cost of a traditional old school European speargun.