Pole Spears and Pole Spear Tips

Pole Spears and Pole Spear Tips - MAKO Spearguns offers the widest range of pole spears available. Starting with our 3 in 1 traveler pole spears, its perfect for travel and can be configured into 3 different sized poles spears. It can be a 6’7” pole spear, a 4’5” pole spear and a 33” lionfish pole spear. We also offer the big game pole spear which can be configured into two pole spears lengths, a 7’2” pole spear for medium to big game and a 4’ pole spear for lionfish and small game. MAKO also offers two types of pole spears, a classic carbon pole spear and a roller carbon pole spear. Each of our carbon pole spears can also be configured into multiple length pole spears ranging from a 40” lionfish pole spear, a 4 foot pole spear, a 6 foot pole spear, an 8 foot poler spear and the awesome 10 foot pole spear. Whatever you pole spear needs are, MAKO Pole Spears has you covered.

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