Protective Speargun Sock

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Item Description

MAKO Protective Speargun Sock

Keep your beautiful spearguns looking beautiful. protect them with the mako speargun sock.

Whether your speargun is in a sport tube or a speargun bag, if it is packed with other spearguns and spears, it will get scratched.

  • Super Stretchy protective material - 4 way stretch to form fit your gun.
  • Easy on, Easy off, design features openings on both ends.
  • To install, simply slide it over the front of the speargun.
  • To remove, simply pull it off the back of the speargun.

The MAKO Spear Tip Protector is a recommended accessory to make installation a breeze if the spear is kept in the speargun.

The Protective Speargun Sock is available in two sizes:

  • Size Long:  For guns up to 64 inches
  • Size Extra long:   For guns from 64 inches to 76 inches
Available in two sizes to fit every speargun

Available in two sizes to fit every speargun

image-divider The MAKO Speargun Sock protects your speargun keep your speargun looking beautiful

The MAKO Speargun Sock protects your speargun.
Keeps your speargun looking beautiful.

Recommended Option: Spear Tip Protectors

Optional MAKO Corded Spear Tip Protectors have a corded loop for easy storage and access when not in use so you DON’T LOOSE THEM!

They work really well when transporting and storing your speargun.

Optional Spear tip protectors