Speargun Reels / Belt Reels / Reel Line

Speargun Reels & Reel Line - The MAKO Spearguns speargun reels are widely knows as the best spearfishing reels on the planet. These Pro Series speargun reels fit directly on our MAKO Titan Elite Spearguns, as well as all Rob Allen and many other spearguns. These speargun reels are easy to install. And, if you want to remove your speargun reel, you can remove the speargun reel in seconds to switch to a floatline rig.

MAKO also offers the highest quality speargun reel line. Our speargun reel line is made of 100% Dyneema and is super strong and resists abrasion. Available in a variety of thicknesses, lengths, and rated at over 1,000 lbs, makes them the strongest speargun reel line available.

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