Zero Drag Weights for Weight Vests

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Item Description

MAKO Zero Drag Weights for Quick Release Weight Vests

1.4lbs each, these weights are made for MAKO Spearguns and other European Brand Vest Weights.

Because MAKO sells direct to you (no dive shop markup) each MAKO weight costs $5.00 less than a dive shop vest weight!

That is a huge savings!!!


To our valued customers:
MAKO Spearguns recognizes that diving (both freediving and SCUBA) are potentially dangerous activities. We have all heard of tragic accidents where a diver is found on the bottom while still wearing a weight belt. We hope and pray that should any of our customers find themselves in a situation where ditching a belt may be necessary, that there is no delay and the belt is dropped immediately.

In many situations a belt is recoverable, however if your MAKO belt and lead weights or belt reel are ditched (and lost) in a diving emergency…. MAKO will replace it free of charge.

The last thing we want is our customers considering the cost of a lost belt in an emergency. The only thing we ask is that the individual shares with us (and our friends and customers) some sort of write-up about how the situation developed and how it was resolved. That way, we can all learn and be reminded to keep safety in the forefront of our minds.

Dive safe,

Zero Drag Weight Vest

Quick Release Weight Vest holds up to 8 weights