Titan Elite Speargun with Open Muzzle & Enclosed Track

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Titan Elite Speargun with Open Muzzle & Enclosed Track

Made in South Africa

Hey Guys,

The MAKO Titan Elite Spearguns are the best spearguns on the planet.

Compare this checklist with any other gun out there. I promise you will be blown away!

No other gun offers what these spearguns deliver!

And, because we sell direct to you (no dive shop markup), the Titan Elite spearguns actually cost less than spearguns without these features.

P.S. Special thanks to Majd (Spear Q8) for help with every aspect of this project.

Dive Safe,


Speargun Comparison Checklist:

  • ENCLOSED TRACK: High impact polymer "SLIDE IN ENCLOSED TRACK" guides the spear in for faster loading and guides the spear out for increased accuracy.
  • MAKO 100% Stainless Steel “Double Roller Trigger Mechanism” strongest, smoothest and most accurate trigger mechanism ever made for a euro gun. (NO PLASTIC!) Tested to over 1,250 pounds!
  • OPEN MUZZLE: with easy band removal/install wishbones.
  • SHARK SPIKE ON MUZZLE protects you from aggressive sharks.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SIDE LINE RELEASE: easily holds double wrap of 300lb mono. (NOT PLASTIC!).
  • BUILT IN REEL MOUNT: Switch from “NO REEL” to “WITH REEL” in seconds.
  • SHARKFIN TAB SPEARS: Twice as strong as notched spears. Includes stainless steel flopper. (NO NOTCHES!!!).
  • POWERFUL MAKO POWER BANDS: Twin 14.5mm small ID on spearguns to 120cm. Triple bands on 130cm spearguns. Made date of order to ensure maximum power.
  • RAPID BAND CHANGE CORDED WISHBONES: Easy to install, remove and change bands. Much safer than metal.
  • SHOOTING LINE 300lb abrasion resistant mono.
  • SOUTH AFRICAN MUZZLE BUNGIE included on guns without reels.
  • AVAILABLE COLORS: Black, MAKO 3D Reef Camo and MAKO 3D Blue Camo, or “Pinked Out” for the ladies.
  • ACCEPTS THE MAKO ROLLER MUZZLE: You can easily convert this speargun from an open muzzle to a roller muzzle.
  • TWO YEAR WARRANTY on all parts except spear & bands.

Titan Elite Speargun features

Dano with MAKO Spearguns reviews the features of the MAKO Titan Elite Spearguns and shows you why these are the best aluminum spearguns available.

MAKO Double Roller trigger mechanisms

Dano with MAKO Spearguns shows why the MAKO Double Roller trigger mechanisms, made for MAKO by Ermes Sub are the best speargun triggers ever installed on a speargun.

Roller Speargun vs Conventional Speargun

Dano with MAKO Spearguns compares a roller speargun to a conventional speargun.


High impact polymer “SLIDE IN ENCLOSED TRACK” guides the spear in for faster loading and guides the spear out for increased accuracy

Slide in Enclosed Track

MAKO Double Roller Trigger Mechanism

  • The strongest euro gun mech ever made.
  • Two inner roller wheels eliminate friction and increases accuracy.
  • Switchable left or right side line release easily holds double wrap.
  • 100% stainless steel!
  • No plastic!
Titan Elite Double Roller Trigger Mechanism

MAKO Open Muzzle with "Shark Spike"

Protects you from aggressive sharks.

Shark Spike protects you from aggressive sharks

Comfortable Loading Butt

  • Includes Comfortable Loading Butt: (EZ LOAD - NO PAIN - NO SLIP)


Add the Loading Butt to your Titan Elite Speargun in the configuration boxes above.

Comfortable Loading Butt

Built in Reel Mount

  • Built in “Reel Mount”
  • Switch from “NO REEL” to “WITH REEL” in seconds.
  • Accepts all MAKO, Spear Master and many other reels.
Built in Reel Mount

MAKO Sharkfin Spear Tabs

  • SPEARS WITH SHARKFIN TABS ARE FAR SUPERIOR! Spears with “Sharkfin Tabs” are 50% stronger than spears with “Notches”.
  • Spears with “Sharkfin Tabs” are available on all MAKO spearguns at no extra charge!

MAKO Sharkfin Spears are twice as strong as notched spears

Notched Spears are weaker and break at the notches

MAKO Rapid Band Change Wishbones

  • Easy to install, remove and change bands.
  • Much safer than metal wishbones.
MAKO Rapid Band Change Wishbones

Easily converts to a Roller Speargun

  • Accepts the MAKO Roller Muzzle.
  • You do not need to buy a new handle.
Titan Elite Roller Muzzle option

Recommended Option: Spear Tip Protectors

Optional MAKO Corded Spear Tip Protectors have a corded loop for easy storage and access when not in use so you DON’T LOOSE THEM!

They work really well when transporting and storing your speargun.

Optional Spear tip protectors

Recommended Option: MAKO Roll-Up Speargun Bag

Finally, a speargun bag made of 100% waterproof material that rolls up (super compact) when not in use!

  • Salt water, Sand, Rain, Dirt, Mud, Fish Guts…No Problem!
  • Boat, Beach, Pickup Truck…No Problem!
  • Holds fish and ice…No Problem!!
  • Will not rot!
  • Hose it off when you are done
  • Rolls up (compact) when not in use… Stores in your dive bag.

Check out the Roll Up Speargun Bag here

Optional Speargun Bag

Recommended Option: MAKO High Performance Reel

These High Performance, professional grade series speargun reels are specifically designed and built for the most demanding spearfishermen.

Our Pro Series speargun reels have a TOTALLY UP-ARMORED DRAG SYSTEM which is far superior to any stock reel on the market.

Also includes a STAINLESS STEEL DOVETAIL MOUNTING BRACKET which makes this the strongest mounting bracket available.

Rapid on/off design means you can put it on and take it off whenever you want. Quickly and Easily - no tools required.

Check out the MAKO High Performance Reels here

Optional High Performance Reel

Recommended Option: MAKO Rapid Deployment GoPro camera bracket

The MAKO posi-lock modular camera bracket design ensures the camera is always put back on the speargun in the exact same position every time (in seconds and without looking).

Never point a loaded or unloaded speargun at any body or anything you don’t intend to shoot. With the MAKO Spearguns Quick Release Camera Mounting System, you can video or photograph targeted species while in speargun mount mode and also video or photograph non targeted species as well as dive buddies safely and easily in hand held mode.

Optional GoPro Camera Mount

Recommended Option: MAKO Rapid Deployment Flashlight Bracket

The MAKO Speargun Flashlight Bracket mounts to any speargun barrel with the same rock solid design as the MAKO Spearguns Rapid on/off Camera Bracket.

This low profile clamp system installs in seconds and allows for easy control of on/off functions of the flashlight.

And if you are looking for an awesome miniature dive light, this is it!

The MAKO Spearguns Mini 630 Lumens Dive light can also be mounted on your dive mask strap. Works great for hands free operation in caves, holes or during night dives.

Optional light mount

Recommended Option: MAKO High Penetration Spear Cones

The MAKO Spearguns Spear Cones maximize the spear’s penetration into your prey by reducing the friction caused by the flopper.

This increased penetration results in a much stronger hold as your flopper engages deeper into the fish.

That means more BIG fish landed!

Optional Spear Cones maximize spear penetration

Recommended Option: MAKO High Performance Slip Tip

It is no secret that the South African Spearos are some of the most demanding big game underwater hunters in the world. Made in South African by a team of engineers in cooperation with local big game hunters, we are pleased to offer the finest slip tips available.

Combining brute strength with unmatched precision engineering, the MAKO High Performance Slip Tip is arguably the finest slip tip available.

Optional Spear Cones maximize spear penetration

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  • 5
    Titan Elite with enclosed track.

    Posted by Jared on Nov 9th 2022

    This is a great speargun for the price. Dont let snoody spearos dictate how you spend your money. I have used this gun all summer and it is accurate! The rail is a durable plastic and moves a little which i though was concerning but man this gun really has performed well. I got the 120cm length and that size has been great in 55-80 ft of water.

  • 5

    Posted by Bryan Jones on Nov 8th 2022

    I hate change and every time I have to replace my Mako gun there is a new design. But...it's always significant improvements... love these guns and they just keep getting tougher, more accurate, and a better value.

  • 5
    This gun is great

    Posted by Collins Peters on Nov 8th 2022

    Got the gun last year, went Spearfishing in Catalina, took aim at the first fish of size I saw and bam! Perfect shot, stoned it. Didn’t test fire, just tried it out on the fish and was surprised at how damn accurate it was. Just point and shoot! I love it. Best gun I’ve had to date.

  • 5
    Titan Elite speargun

    Posted by Joel Kawate on Nov 7th 2022

    Great speargun. The enclosed track makes it really accurate. Very good gun out of the box.