Pole Spear Resting Hook

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Item Description

Pole Spear Resting Hook (no tools required! Easy on / Easy off)


That’s right…

Easy on! Easy Off! NO tools are required!

The new Pole Spear Resting Hook can now be installed and removed in less than one second… WITHOUT TOOLS and WITHOUT REMOVING YOUR BAND.


Why use a MAKO Pole Spear Resting Hook?

  • No pain: Holds you band for as long as you want.
  • No discomfort: The most comfortable resting hook on the market!
  • No Spooked Fish: Eliminates jerky loading movements that scare fish.
  • Ready to shoot: less than a second to release.
  • No Tools required: Easy on / Easy off!

This simple to use “MAKO Pole Spear Resting Hook” will put more fish in your cooler and eliminate all pain and discomfort associated with trying to hold your pole spear band for a long period of time. Made from 304 stainless steel, this little hook is formed for maximum ergonomic comfort and performance.

“NO MORE SPOOKED FISH”: In addition to eliminating the pain associated with long periods of band holding, the MAKO Spearguns “Pole Spear Resting Hook” will make you more STEALTH LIKE by eliminating unnatural movements associated with loading your pole spear bands. Never spook another fish again!

"Ready to shoot in one second or less!" When you are ready to shoot, simply pull the hook free from the dyneema loop. In less than one second, the hook is released and you can take your shot.

This is by far the best pole spear resting hook on the market.

  • No tools required for installation.
  • No tools required for removal.
  • More comfortable on your hand than any other resting hook.
  • Attaches to any pole spear band.
  • And, because I sell direct to you, instead of through dive shops, my products are much lower.


  • MAKO Pole Spear Resting Hook
  • Dyneema cord
  • O Ring

VIDEO: Installing the Pole Spear Resting Hook

VVIDEO - Installing the Pole Spear Resting Hook

Installing the MAKO Spearguns Pole Spear Resting Hook is simple & quick.

pole spear resting hook install

TOOLLESS INSTALLATION! Simply slip the Resting Hook over the stretched band, then slide the latex keeper over the gap. It's that easy!

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  • 5
    Great alt. to G string

    Posted by Will Hearn on Jun 20th 2021

    Super simple to use, everything included you need to get started, and Mako even has an instructional page that shows you how to put this together (I use a constrictor knot so that one end is the loop for this and the other is a loop that hold a rubber band that keeps my slip tip in place, via Headhunter's method of keeping a slip tip secured). My first resting hook was lost because the rubber stopper was either too small or just got worn out and disappeared somehow. I must say, the rubber stopper is important, because the resting hook disappeared my next dive. I ordered another and asked for an extra stopper, which was included, and this time, both stoppers were much longer, and I've had no issues since. Must've been a complaint from someone else, and I love seeing a company address issues immediately like that. Love the resting hook, saves my grip on long days.

  • 5

    Posted by Jason on Sep 16th 2020

  • 5

    Posted by Alejandro Henriquez on Aug 5th 2020

    Well thought product for those demanding situations!

  • 5
    The resting ho...

    Posted by Cameron Thomas on Aug 5th 2020

    The resting hook along with every other mako product I’ve used have been phenomenal. To go along with it the amazing products, the customer service is very easy to talk to and are very helpful. Thank you for everything so far mako.

  • 5
    Worked well

    Posted by Nate Vazquez on Jul 22nd 2020

    Item came as described and was easy to install. While in use it was nice to be able rest my hand while keeping the spear nearly ready. When the band is tight on the hook, I found the band around my palm kept the spear secure without having to grip at all. Unfortunately the rubber stopper moved out of place somehow while a friend was using the spear and it went missing after coming off the band.

  • 5
    Very easy to i...

    Posted by Charles Browning on Dec 13th 2019

    Very easy to install and works perfectly!

  • 5

    Posted by Jeffrey Winkelhake on Dec 13th 2019

  • 5
    I’m happy.

    Posted by ryan harrison on Dec 13th 2019

    it’s a simple hook. not much to be overly excited about or disappointed over. That being said, I wish I had thought of this. It makes my polespear fun to use. How this isn’t a standard feature in every polespear is beyond me.

  • 5
    Great products

    Posted by Ari Mutchnik on Dec 13th 2019

    Love my pole spear accessories Thanks again

  • 5

    Posted by Hyun-Kang Shin on Apr 25th 2019

  • 5
    hyper practical.

    Posted by CARLOS ENRIQUE PEREZ LEMUS on Mar 28th 2019

    highly elongates your time of grip on the polespear without cramping your hands and wrists. no spooky movements to scare the fish away, makes easy the switching polespear between of hands for better a better angle to shoot. Recommended 100%. awesome customer service!

  • 5

    Posted by Wilson Castro on Mar 28th 2019