MAKO "QUICK OUT" Penetrator Pole Spear Slip Tips

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Item Description

MAKO “QUICK OUT” Penetrator Pole Spear Slip Tips

The MAKO Spearguns  QUICK OUT Penetrator Pole Spear Slip Tips are made so you can land big fish….  And then quickly and easily, get the slip tip out of your fish, and back on your pole spear, so you can get back to hunting within seconds.

Made of 100% stainless steel with precision engineering, the MAKO Quick Out Penetrator pole spear slip tip is held tight to the injector rod with “zero in flight wobble” providing the highest accuracy available.

With advanced design, engineering and machining, the tri cut pole spear slip tip easily penetrates any fish and is tethered by your choice of either abrasion resistant dyneema or stainless steel cable, both strong enough to hold any size fish.

Once through or in your fish, the precision engineering  of this pole spear slip tip allows for a quick and easy release from the injector rod, thus securing your fish so you never loose it.

After your fish is subdued and dispatched, you simply slide the loop end of the cable (or dyneema) off the injector rod, and pull the cable (or dyneema) through your fish.

Includes 4 replacement rubber bands with retaining rings

MAKO Quick Out Penetrator Slip Tip Features include:

  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Precision machining means no inflight wobble for maximum accuracy.
  • Super sharp tri cut tip for maximum penetration.
  • Adjustable fingernail for maximum engagement and hold power
  • Available with abrasion resistant dyneema or stainless steel cable
  • QUICK OUT cable release system is interchangeable and fully replaceable. Makes it easy to remove slip tip from your fish!
  • Compatible with the 12" and 24" MAKO injector rods.
  • Includes 6 replacement rubber bands and rings
Stainless Steel Cable

Stainless Steel Cable

dyneema cordage

Dyneema Cordage

12 inch (1 foot) or 24 inch (2 foot) injector rods

Optional 12" or 24" injector rods

Includes 6 pack replacement rubber bands and rings

Includes 6 pack replacement retaining bands and rings