3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear

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Item Description

MAKO Spearguns 3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear

Perfect for small to medium size fish and perfect for travel, the MAKO Spearguns 3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear is three pole spears in one. Capable of taking fish weighing as much as 10 to 15 lbs, this 3 piece design measures a whopping 6' 7" and breaks down to only 27.5" long for easy storage and travel and allows you to configure the length to your specific needs.

3 piece: 6' 7" long for normal hunting conditions
2 piece: 4' 5" or 4' 11" long for close range hunting and Lion Fish hunting
1 piece: 33" inches long strictly for killing Lion Fish

MAKO uses a high strength, corrosion resistant, anodized aircraft aluminum spear which will NEVER yield painful fiberglass splinters in the hand (like some inexpensive fiberglass pole spears do when worn down). The connecting joints of the MAKO Pole Spear are supported by recessed flush screw on connectors for a smooth release.

The 3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear includes:

  • Three interchangeable sections for 3 different pole spear lengths.
  • One 5 prong cluster (paralyzer tip) with "sure grip" barbs on each prong.
  • One full length MAKO "Latex Power Band" for 3 pc and 2 pc hunting.
traveler pole spear configurations

The 3-in-1 Traveler Pole Spear supports 3 configurations:

• 3 piece: 6 feet 7 inches
• 2 piece: 4 feet 5 inches or 4 feet 11 inches
• 1 piece: 33 inch Lion Fish Killer

Optional Lionfish Barbless Tip & Short Band

For hunting Lion Fish, you can select the optional "3-Prong Barbless Lion Fish Tip & Short Band". Designed specifically for hunting Lion Fish, the tip has 3 prongs (without barbs) making removal quick and easy, while the shorter band is designed specifically for using just a single section of the pole spear.

Lion Fish Tip and band available Optional Lion Fish Tip available

Optional Lion Fish 3 Prong Barbless Tip & Short Band

Optional Spearfishing Gloves

These gloves make gripping your pole spear very easy with their non-slip palm and finger coating that also provides excellent cut and puncture resistance when hunting around reefs, wrecks, or targeting lion fish, crabs & lobster.

Spearfishing Gloves - Non-Slip Palm, Cut Resistant/Puncture Resistant

Non-Slip Palm, Cut Resistant/Puncture Resistant

Optional Converter & 6" Single Flopper Tip

Converts the 5 prong tip that comes with the pole spear to a 6 inch, Heavy Duty Flopper Tip.

traveler pole spear with converter and 6 inch single flopper tip


Optional Mesh Carry Bag

Not just a typical mesh bag for your pole spear, the Optional Mesh Carry Bag is a complete storage solution for your pole spear and your pole spear tips.

The Mesh Carry Bag has 2 separate compartments - A main pocket for pole spears and an accessory pocket for pole spear tips.

pole spear mesh bag

The Pole Spear Mesh Carry Bag fits traveler pole spear sections from 22" up to 44" long.

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  • 5
    Pole spear

    Posted by David Condron on Apr 19th 2022

    Sturdy, easy to rig. Very satisfied.

  • 5
    Great Product and Great Shipping Speed

    Posted by Best prong spear I’ve ever used. Shipping was fast and came within several days. Unbelievable shippi on Feb 14th 2022

    Great product

  • 4
    3 PC pole spear

    Posted by Trevor Henry on Aug 18th 2021

    Great pole spear but wrap not so much. Bought 20mm heat shrink wrap now works great!!

  • 4
    3-1 traveler pole spear

    Posted by Westy on Jul 27th 2021

    This is a great pole spear! The connections are machined really well and it’s straight as an arrow!! A great buy

  • 3
    Fine cheap spear, but poor tip

    Posted by Will Hearn on Jun 20th 2021

    Bought this as a backup spear for a Bahamas trip, and as the primary for my GF who was a first time spear fisher. Super lightweight, quite slow, but durable and easy to travel with, a solid $40 spear. My only complaint is that the 5-prong tip rusted within a few hours of getting it wet. From the time it left the ocean, sat on the beach for an hour or two while I kept spearing without the GF, and then the drive back home to where I rinsed everything with fresh water, clear rust marks had already started. Not the kind that I could knock off with a fingernail either, I had to scrub them with steelwool. The next day, the same thing happen, even though I poured freshwater from my waterbottle on the tip to hopefully prevent the issue. By that night, there was rust on all five prongs. Even though I continued to rinse the spear the whole trip, by the end, it was pretty much a five tined fork of tetanus threat. I emailed Mako and they gave me a figurative shrug, that it shouldn't have happen, and that was about it. The also doesn't fit together super securely, kind of wobbles even when tightened all the way. But, again, $40. I put a JBL slip tip (with the adapter and 3" injector rod from Mako) on this and it's definitely more deadly that way minus the tetanus.

  • 5
    Great Customer Service

    Posted by Bobby M on Jan 29th 2021

    Bought 2 Travel Pole Spears - I’m a competent diver but a complete amateur when it comes to spear fishing especially in the Bahamas. Mako walked me through the process and made sure my order was delivered in time for my trip. I highly recommend these guys.

  • 5
    Great for travel

    Posted by Sean Leary on Jan 29th 2021

    Received the spear and gear promptly and was completely satisfied with the quality. Took it hog fishing in the keys last week!

  • 5
    I like it

    Posted by Ashley Weisner on Jan 29th 2021

    I bought for my boyfriend for Christmas! My boyfriend liked that it changed links and everything was easy to put together.

  • 5

    Posted by Juan Gonzalez on Dec 1st 2020

  • 5

    Posted by Matt Phillips on Nov 18th 2020

    Love the spear...Killin' stuff and eatin' it!

  • 5
    Perfect for minimalist travel

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 20th 2020

    We went on a multi-day kayaking trip and had to minimize our gear (no spear guns). The travel pole spear is so compact and lightweight that we could justify bringing it along. We ended up using it to snag a delicious Sheepshead for supper one evening. Thanks Mako!

  • 5
    Three piece breakdown is great for travel

    Posted by Patrick Dean on Sep 23rd 2020

    Love it, strong and lightweight, 3 piece is easy for travel, in bags etc. great for the crummy viz we get in NJ and the reefs of PR. Once again, top quality and fair price, thanks Dano!