Youth Kids Freediving Gear Package 1

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Item Description

YOUTH Freediving Gear Package 1

The MAKO Youth Freediving Gear Package 1 is designed to get kids started with high quality gear.

The Freediving Gear Package 1 includes:

1 pair MAKO Los Ninos Freedive Fins for Kids:
These are high quality fixed blade fins with foot pockets made of the same thermoplastic rubber used in high end foot pockets and are soft for comfort where needed, but stiffer where needed for increased transfer of energy. The blade is made of a highly flexible yet strong Polypropylene composite material, designed to maximize thrust and stability. This is no cheap, off the shelf, fin found at sporting goods stores. These are probably the finest entry level fins available.

1 MAKO Kids Freedive Mask:
Made specifically for youth, this MAKO Spearguns “freedive mask for kids” is a high performance freedive mask, which has all the features found in a high quality freedive mask made for adults. It features a high quality silicone skirt, fully adjustable silicon strap, and tempered glass lenses. The youth mask is super low profile, designed for deep freediving. 

1 MAKO Kids Freedive Snorkel:
Equipped with a comfortable mouth piece to suit smaller people and a down facing purge valve, as well as a splash hood, this is what divers call a “dry snorkel”, because it is designed to keep water out. And, after a decent, it is easy to clear water from the snorkel. It is also a bit smaller so there is less drag for smaller people.

Available sizes:

Size: XXS (boys 2-3 / girls 3-4)
Size: XS (boys 4-5 / girls 5-6)

MAKO Kids Freediving Gear Package