MAKO Kids Freedive Mask

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Item Description

MAKO Kids Freedive Mask

Start your kids out right with a high quality freedive mask.

Made specifically for children, this MAKO Spearguns “freedive mask for kids” is a high performance freedive mask, which has all the features found in a high quality freedive mask made for adults.   

The high quality silicone skirt and fully adjustable silicone strap on our freedive mask for kids, makes for a super reliable and super comfortable fit for all day of diving while keeping water out. 

Remember, if they don’t enjoy diving early on, they are less likely to want to do it later. And, we all know that people who dive are much happier in life than those who do not.

So, start them out right with the highest quality freedive mask made specifically for your kid.

Features include:

  • Designed and produced specifically for kids
  • Super low profile, designed for deep freediving
  • Tempered glass lenses positioned just off the eyes for a wide field of view
  • Strap connection point is on the skirt, not the frame
  • Instant adjustment strap buckles
  • Available in Black
  • Includes travel box
Adjustable freedive mask strap

Includes adjustable mask strap

Includes travel box

Includes protective travel box

Optional kids snorkel with purge valve and hood

Equipped with a comfortable mouth piece to suit smaller people and a down facing purge valve, as well as a splash hood, this is what divers call a “dry snorkel”, because it is designed to keep water out. And, after a decent, it is easy to clear water from the snorkel. It is also a bit smaller so there is less drag for smaller people.

Optional kids snorkel with purge valve and hood

Optional kids snorkel with purge valve and hood

Optional Dive Mask Defogger

Provides long lasting anti-fog protection for your dive mask without harming surrounding silicone or rubber.

Comes in easy application bottle and is safe for all glass and plastic lenses.

Dive Mask Defogger

Optional Dive Mask Defogger

Defogging Your Freedive Mask

NOTE: Before using a newly purchased mask, it is recommended that toothpaste be applied to the inside of the lens to remove the invisible layer of film that forms on the lens during the manufacturing process.


This invisible layer of film causes the mask to easily fog. Simply apply toothpaste to the inside of the lens, let dry and wipe away. Then, apply a 2nd coat and wipe off with a wet cloth.

This process eliminates the film and will reduce fogging.

Video: How to defog your dive mask

Remove the silicon residue before using your new dive mask