Mako Tubular Throw Flashers (Sinking / Neutral / Floating)

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Item Description

Mako Tubular Throw Flashers (Sinking / Neutral / Floating)

Bring them in for that perfect shot! The MAKO adjustable tubular throw flashers can be rigged to sink, be neutral or float.

Sinking (negatively buoyant): Throw the flashers and watch them sink to the desired depth and retrieve. This the most common practice but the flashers can easily become lost when you shoot a fish. This is obviously not good for the environment.

Neutrally buoyant: By adding the optional corks, you can adjust your tubular throw flasher to be neutral. This allows you to swim the flashers down to a depth and they will stay at that depth until retrieved.

Floating (positively buoyant): By making the tubular flashers buoyant, you can swim them down to the desired depth and they will slowly float to the surface. This reduces the possibility of loosing them as they can be seen from the surface after landing your fish.

Connect 3 together using the optional stainless steel carabiner for even more attraction. Carabiner also works great for attaching flashers to your float.

Measures 8” long x .875” in diamter