MAKO Spearguns Easy Wind Flasher Float

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Item Description

"Easy Wind" Flasher Float

The newly designed MAKO “Easy Wind” Flasher Float makes deploying your flashers much faster than previously designed models.

The “Easy Wind” Flasher Float can also be wound up much faster and easier and it eliminates tangles. Eliminating tangles means increased safety and more time doing what you are supposed to be doing….hunting.

Unlike conventional flasher float designs, the “Easy Wind” can be spun (wound or unwound) on a single axis in the palm of your hand instead of an over hand and over hand winding and unwinding process. An added benefit is that it eliminates twisting of your line.

The Float is also more hydro dynamic in the water, resulting in far less drag than previous designs. It can be easily pulled through the water with minimal effort.

Also added is a bungie strap to act as a stopper so you can easily adjust the depth of your flashers.

When not in use, the bungie strap secures the line on the float so you don’t have a tangled mess. This same bungie also secures your flashers when not in use so…again…no tangled mess.

MAKO “Easy Wind” Flasher Float comes complete with 70 feet of black mono and a swivel clip.

This is a hard (foam filled) float, made with a durable, high vis orange, outer vinyl shell.

Measures 14 inches long x 6.75” wide.

Available by itself or with the highly reflective MAKO Spearguns Flashers

Easy Wind Flasher Float Front View

Easy Wind Flasher Float Front View

image-divider Easy Wind Flasher Float Back View

Easy Wind Flasher Float Back View

image-divider Easy Wind Flasher Float with Flashers Back View

Easy Wind Flasher Float Holding Flashers in Place Back View

image-divider Easy Wind Flasher Float with Flashers Fron View

Easy Wind Flasher Float Holding Flashers in Place Front View

image-divider Optional Flashers with Free Flasher Storage Case

Optional Flashers with Free Flasher Storage Case

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  • 5
    Thought it was...

    Posted by Brian Webster on Oct 5th 2020

    Thought it was gonna be a cheap inflatable float, it wasn’t. Foam filled and better quality than expected. Works great!

  • 5
    Great product, price and service!

    Posted by Alejandro Henriquez on Aug 5th 2020

    Ready to set up, perfect size, fast shipping, awesome service!!

  • 5
    Amazing gear

    Posted by yulian perez leyva on May 15th 2020

    Great product been buying mako for over 4 years now

  • 5
    Awesome servic...

    Posted by Robert Quintanilla on Mar 28th 2019

    Awesome service. My order came in faster than i thought it would.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 12th 2019

  • 5
    BOMBass toy....

    Posted by Brant Davis on Jan 29th 2019

    It's so great I should tell you it sucks so no one buys one too BUT they're plenty a fish in the sea t o share... it's a great piece, constructed well, product is bomb ass quality as well... shipped great timing... exactly as described as well...

  • 5
    Rite size!

    Posted by Paul Witt on Jan 29th 2019

    The flasher float is a perfect size. Not so big as to be cumbersome and compact to fit with all your gear on a boat. Top quality.

  • 5
    Nice product w...

    Posted by Wesley Moore on Mar 29th 2018

    Nice product works well in Hawaiian waters combined with the Mako buzz bomb and flashers

  • 5
    2nd one!

    Posted by Paler on Mar 12th 2018

    We use this one with a weight to mark the spot when there is a current. The flashers are not stringed which allows you to space them however you want. I use 300 lbs mono to string them with a space that is equal in length to the flasher itself.

  • 5
    Excellent Service and Product

    Posted by Doug on May 16th 2016

    I bought a dive float and flasher setup for attracting fish. The items shipped quickly and I received them a day later. I am very happy with the quality of items I received. All around great experience.

  • 5
    Customer service

    Posted by jason blalock on Jan 18th 2016

    I have always experienced excellent customer service and prompt response to any questions I've had. The gear is of great quality and very affordable. I've returned time and time again because of the products, the service, and fast shipping. Thanks guys Jason Blalock

  • 5
    Awesome Easy Wind" Flasher Float

    Posted by Matt Mattison on May 5th 2015

    I am so happy with my Mako Easy Wind" Flasher Float, it is easy to use, self un winding just un hook the bungee and toss, I highly recommend it.