High Pressure Spearfishing Float

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MAKO Spearguns High Pressure Spearfishing Float

These are the HIGH PRESSURE FLOATS that big game hunters have been waiting for. The MAKO Spearguns HIGH PRESSURE SPEARFISHING FLOATS are so loaded up with features, it is not just a float... It is a piece of spearfishing gear. And, the price is equally amazing.

When I designed these floats with the Zodiac Nose Cone, I knew they would be popular among serious hunters. But I had no idea they would be this popular.

After testing my first prototype with the Zodiac Nose Cone, I was highly impressed with how easily it could be towed through the water. Even in current, there is minimal drag compared to other floats.

Equally important to the highly efficient hydrodynamic design, the bullet proof Zodiac Nose Cone also adds to the ruggedness of the float. The Zodiac Nose Cone can bang into rocks, coral, propellers, and even razor sharp trim tabs. You name it... It will not puncture.

In addition to the Zodiac Nose Cone, I added a rear handle to the float for one main reason... Safety!!! And, I put the inflate valve at the back of the float so it would not get caught up on your buddies floatline.

Another important feature for guys needing the optional dive flag is that I use one of my MAKO Lower Leg Weights as a weight, which further reduces drag as it acts like a keel on a sailboat.

Constructed out of durable 1100 gram Hypalon material which is the same durable Military Spec material as Special Forces boats (1100 gram).

In addition to using the best material, we also use a welding process (not glued) on all seams which makes for a much stronger float.

The 15 L & 30 L floats have a max pressure of 21 psi which can provide 100% of the lift at about 45 feet. 

Only the 15 L High Pressure Spearfishing Float is available with an optional Florida Legal Dive Flag and hydrodynamic weight to keep the flag upright. This design is unlike any other weighted keel where the elongated shape of the weight and pocket reduce drag and minimize snags.

Additional Features:

  • Zodiac Nose Cone dramatically reduces drag in the water.
  • 21 PSI Pressure Rating on the 15L & 30L floats 
  • Optional Florida legal dive flag & hydrodynamic weight
  • Valve Stem positioned at the back of the float (instead of the side) so it does not get caught on your buddies float lines.
  • Handles Save Lives! Equipped with a rear handle for safety and for towing.
  • Front and Rear D rings for connecting to float lines.

Available in 15L, 15L with dive flag and weight, and a whopping 30L.  Connect two 30L high pressure floats together using the integrated front D rings for taking huge fish, including monster Tuna and Wahoo.


High Pressure Float Specs:


Dimensions & Max Pressure






15 L





30 L










VIDEO: High Pressure Spearfishing Float Design & Features

Video - High Pressure Float design features

Dano demonstrates the features of the High Pressure Float

image-divider high pressure float with nose float line attached

High Pressure Float with Float Line attached

image-divider high pressure float handle and valve

High Pressure Float Handle End View

image-divider ono running with high pressure float

Ono Running with High Pressure Float

image-divider jon lata high pressure float

Jon Lata with High Pressure Float

Optional: Diver's Emergency Whistle

The MAKO Spearguns High-Vis Whistle is essential gear in alerting your buddies of dangerous conditions and requesting emergency assistance when needed.

Attach it to your wrist and tuck it in your sleeve for easy access. Keep a spare whistle attached to your float.

Optional emergency whistle

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  • 5
    30L Float

    Posted by Tony L Marshall on Mar 28th 2022

    This is a high quality float that I just tested out this past weekend. The yellow jack I shot was not big enough to test this float but we will soon be on the fads and will give it a good run down. I regret not getting the extra flag kit and will be adding that to my next purchase from Mako.

  • 5
    Divers Float

    Posted by Stephan Roundtree on Feb 3rd 2021

    We deployed the float and it worked excellent. Easy to pull through the water and very visible at the surface.

  • 5
    Great Float

    Posted by Ben on Jan 29th 2021

    Finally sprung for a high pressure float, and it didn’t disappoint! Excellent construction and features, and very durable. Also makes a great pillow when relaxing on the beach or in the boat!

  • 5
    Super Float!

    Posted by Shaun Blazvick on Dec 7th 2020

    You can't beat this float. It's rugged as heck. Also, great pricing!

  • 5
    Rugged Float!

    Posted by Happy Spearo on Dec 1st 2020

    Excellent float for marking your location or hooking to a speargun float line. I bought the 30 Liter float and put the Hard float flag holder and strap on it with a 2lb weight underneath. I wanted a larger dive float because I'm around some busy places sometimes. Couldn't ask for a beefier float and it's at a super price!

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 22nd 2020

    Totally bomb proof

  • 5
    Best Float on the market

    Posted by Orlando Rodriguez on May 19th 2020

    I have used over floats before. I can confidently say that after months of using this float, nothing even comes close. The quality is incredible and I love how all the features of other top end floats are included for example, the handle in the back of the float, the cone-shape design, knife-proof cone, the ring clip in the back of the float to attach more lines/floats, etc. I've shot many monster fish and yet not one has beaten this float. Also, the price is incredible compared to other brands. Thanks Dano!

  • 5
    Perfect !!!

    Posted by Franklin Rocha on Feb 2nd 2020

  • 5
    Great Product and Service

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 2nd 2020

    The product is just as expected - great price, quality, and customer service. I can't wait to put the HPF to good use!

  • 5
    Bus Stop!

    Posted by Michael Scaglione on Dec 13th 2019

    Looking for a BIG tuna to try to stop this bus!

  • 3

    Posted by Matthew Fenty on Dec 13th 2019

    Great price and design highly visible. Unfortunately, mine arrived with a stress point /crack. Can be patched when needed. Probably due to the long time traveling to Australia. Perhaps next time it might be possible to inflate a bit so its not compressed to form points.

  • 5
    High Pressure Float w/Flag

    Posted by Dave Mysel on Dec 13th 2019

    I am a beach diver who swims out from shore 1/2mile and needed something with no drag but yet able to carry spear gun, this float fits the bill to the t and I would recommend it to all beach divers . Regards Diven Dave