Freedive Fin Keepers (Silicone)

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Item Description

MAKO Freedive Fin Keepers (Silicone)

These MAKO Silicone Fin Keepers work just like our MAKO rubber fin keepers. They hold your feet firmly in your fins. These fin keepers are particularly useful when you wish to dive without socks.

These Silicone fin keepers offer more stretch than rubber and are considered more comfortable than rubber and come in the following colors, white, pink, blue and black.  While rubber fin keepers work well, the Silicone fin keepers are the fin keepers of choice among competitive freedivers, freedive instructors and high level spearfishermen and spearfisherwomen.

Choosing the correct size Fin Keeper:

Men's XX-Small  (2-3 & 4-5)

Men's X-Small (6-7)

Men's Small  (8-9)

Men's Medium (10-11)

Men's Large  (12-13)

Men's X-Large (14-15)

Dive Fin Keepers hold your feet firmly in your fins

Freedive Fin Keepers hold your feet firmly in your fins