Euro Mech Threaded Tip Spear with 2 High Profile Sharkfin Tabs

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Euro Mech Threaded Tip Spears with 2 High Profile Sharkfin Tabs


Because of the abundance of big game in South Africa and the needs of South African hunters, South Africa has become recognized as the leader in the production of the highest quality and strongest spears in the world. Made in South African by a team of engineers in cooperation with local big game hunters, we are pleased to offer the finest spears available.

Made for 6mm threaded screw on tips and slip tip adapters, these threaded, high profile sharkfin tab spears are made specifically for open muzzle spearguns and Enclosed Track Spearguns. These Mako Spearguns Carbon Spring Steel spears are arguably the strongest spears on the planet. They are by far stronger than stainless steel spears and by making them with high profile sharkfin tabs, they are even stronger. Spears with sharkfin tabs (built for open muzzle guns) are 50% stronger than notched spears. This is particularly important for longer spears.

NOTE: Threaded spears are slightly shorter than standard spears to accommodate the added length of the screw on tip or slip tip adapter.

NOTE: The required spear length should be 40cm longer than your speargun barrel. For example, the proper spear length for a 120cm gun is 160cm.


  • Heat Treating: Induction hardened and Tempered (IHTW) Cr-Si spring
  • Material: to SAE9254, Grade SHI-200
  • Hardness: Tensile Strength 2030MPa (minimum) to 2060MPa.
  • Size Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
  • Rust Proof Coating: Tested to 3 months x 24 hours per day, salt spray at 32 deg. Cent.
Double High Profile Sharkfin Tabs

High Profile Sharkfin Tabs for Enclosed Track Railguns

image-divider Threaded Tip Spear Shaft

Threaded Spear for 6mm screw on tips

image-divider High Profile Tab Threaded Shafts

High Profile Tab Threaded Spears available in lengths from 138cm to 178cm

Protect Your Mono with the Speargun Shooting Line Keeper

The Speargun Shooting Line Keeper is what the pro's use to keep their shooting line from becoming tangled.

Also protects your shooting line from nicks and abrasions so you don’t lose that big one.

Attaches to any spear with Velcro closures.

( Mono ordered separately)

The Speargun Shooting Line Keeper can be used on your spear to keep your line tangle freeSpeargun Shooting Line Keeper can be used on your spear to keep your line tangle free

The Speargun Shooting Line Keeper can be used on your spear to keep your line tangle free

Select the Spear length that fits your speargun:

  • 54" (138cm) x 7.5mm thick w/ 2 HP sharkfin tabs (for 110cm open muzzle speargun)
  • 58" (148cm) x 7.5mm thick w/ 2 HP sharkfin tabs (for 120cm open muzzle speargun)
  • 62" (158cm) x 7.5mm thick w/ 2 HP sharkfin tabs (for 130cm open muzzle speargun)
  • 66" (168cm) x 7.5mm thick w/ 2 HP sharkfin tabs (for 140cm open muzzle speargun)
  • 70" (178cm) x 7.5mm thick w/ 2 HP sharkfin tabs (for 150cm open muzzle speargun)

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  • 5
    Euro Mech Threaded Tip Spear/2 High Profile Tabs

    Posted by Jeff Lane on Dec 13th 2019

    Ordered the mako threaded shafts with the sharkfins tabs. Came as expected, good quality and promptly shipped. Can't wait to get them in the water!

  • 5
    Mako is the best

    Posted by Dan Gerdes on Aug 16th 2018

    Clear product...put a simple note down on what I wanted it rigged like and they far exceeded. Thanks guys!

  • 4
    Love the shafts, need better shipping

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 31st 2018

    Great shafts. They are stiff, strong and shoot laser straight. Only complaint is that the two I got were packed side by side without any covering so the shark fin tabs did gouged eachother. It created patches of exposed high carbon steel that could corrode. I have a DIY shaft electroplating setup, so I just replated the areas on both shafts. Maybe more care in shipping, but I love these shafts and the price!

  • 5
    Excellent spear

    Posted by John Blalock on Jul 25th 2017

    Fantastic quality product, craftsmanship is top notch. Exactly what I wanted. Back that up with the best prices and best customer service you can find.