Threaded Slip Tip Adapters

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Item Description

MAKO Spearguns Threaded Slip Tip Adapters

Our Slip Tip Adapter threads on to the spear shaft and mates to the Slip Tip.

Threaded Slip Tip Adapter Specs:

  • Body Length: 2.0”
  • Material: 17-4PH hardened to 44 Rockwell
  • Thread type:
    • M6 thread for 7.0mm shafts
    • M6 thread for 7.5mm shafts
    • 5/16” 24Tpi for 8.0mm shafts

NOTE 1: Includes Teflon tape for pre-wrapping threads. This Teflon tape insures a tight fit and will allow for easy removal when needed. Locktite Thread Locker Blue 242 removable can instead be applied to the shaft threads, however, sufficient drying time may be required.

NOTE 2: We also include a rubber gripping pad to be placed in between your vice grips and the spear to protect the spear coating from incidental damage during the installation and removal process.