American Mech Spear with 2 High Profile Sharkfin Tabs and Flopper

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American Mechanism Spears with flopper and 2 High Profile Sharkfin Tabs

Because of the abundance of big game in South Africa and the needs of South African hunters, South Africa has become recognized as the leader in the production of the highest quality and strongest spears in the world. Made in South African by a team of engineers in cooperation with local big game hunters, we are pleased to offer the finest spears available.

These AMERICAN MECHANISM spears are built specifically for spearguns with AMERICAN TRIGGER MECHANISMS. The 2 high profile sharkfin tabs enables these spears to be used on spearguns with or without enclosed tracks. The mono attachment hole is located on the rear high profile sharkfin tab.

MAKO Spearguns Carbon Spring Steel spears are arguably the strongest spears on the planet. They are by far stronger than stainless steel spears and by making them with high profile sharkfin tabs, they are even stronger. Spears with sharkfin tabs (built for open muzzle spearguns) are 50% stronger than notched spears. This is particularly important for longer spears. Each spear includes a properly tuned 85cm flopper and tri cut tip for maximum penetration.


  • Heat Treating: Induction hardened and Tempered (IHTW) Cr-Si spring
  • Material: to SAE9254, Grade SHI-200
  • Hardness: Tensile Strength 2030MPa (minimum) to 2060MPa.
  • Size Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
  • Rust Proof Coating: Tested to 3 months x 24 hours per day, salt spray at 32 deg. Cent.

Spear Cones

Ensure maximum penetration with the MAKO Spearguns Spear Cones.

The MAKO Spearguns Spear Cones maximize the spear’s penetration into your prey by reducing the friction caused by the flopper.

This increased penetration results in a much stronger hold as your flopper engages deeper into the fish.

That means more BIG fish landed!

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 7.0mm spears
  • 7.5mm spears
  • 8.0mm spears

Order Spear Cones here

Spear Cones

Ensure maximum penetration with the MAKO Spearguns Spear Cones

Protect Your Mono with the Speargun Shooting Line Keeper

The Speargun Shooting Line Keeper is what the pro's use to keep their shooting line from becoming tangled.

Also protects your shooting line from nicks and abrasions so you don’t lose that big one.

Attaches to any spear with Velcro closures.

( Mono ordered separately)

The Speargun Shooting Line Keeper can be used on your spear to keep your line tangle freeSpeargun Shooting Line Keeper can be used on your spear to keep your line tangle free

The Speargun Shooting Line Keeper can be used on your spear to keep your line tangle free

Selecting the proper spear length for your wood speargun or hybrid speargun:

Determining the proper spear length for a wood speargun or hybrid speargun, is different than for a railgun. With a railgun, you just add 40 cm to the length of the barrel.

However, in determining the spear length for American Mechanism Speargun (wood or hybrid), the length of the barrel is not used. Instead, the distance between the back of the trigger mechanism to the front of the speargun is used for calculating spear length. This is because with wood spearguns and hybrids, some have longer butts (distance between back of trigger mech to the back of the speargun) than others.

There is no universal standard for selecting the proper spear length for an American Mechanism Speargun (hybrid speargun or wood speargun). Some guys like a short overhang of around 10 inches, while others like a longer overhang of up to 15". The average appears to be around 12" of overhang.

To determine the suggested length of spear for your American Mechanism speargun:

  • Step #1: Determine the point where the back of the spear is located when it is engaged in the trigger mechanism.
  • Step #2: Measure from this point to the front of the speargun.
  • Step #3: Then add approximately 12 inches the previously obtained measurement. This will give you a suggested spear length with a 12 inch overhang. If you want a slightly shorter overhang, you can add less than 12 inches. If you want a longer overhang, you can add more then 12 inches.

NOTE: (Threaded Shafts w/ Slip Tips) In selecting the proper length of a threaded spear (for slip tips), you will add only 6 inches of overhang instead of 12 inches to get a 12 inch overhang. This is because the slip tip (with the adapter) is normally around 6 inches long. So, the threaded spears are about 6 inches shorter than flopper spears.
Example: A 58" threaded spear with a 6" slip tip (including adapter) makes for a 64" spear.

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  • 5
    Great product with very competitive prices

    Posted by Daniel Noble on May 12th 2020

    Great quality spear and Fenomenal price ! Bought this shaft for a wooden speargun, knowing that spring steel is the most rigid shaft in the market I didn't even hesitated to buy this item from mako, that has been fast to deliver and are great quality product.

  • 5

    Posted by Rob Murphy on Dec 13th 2019

    I've been ordering from Mako for nearly a decade. Without exception, the service has been top notch. The products are great too!

  • 5

    Posted by MWW III on Jan 19th 2017

    I have tried a bunch of different spears, but I am back to these. A buddy lost my only one a year or so ago, and I finally got around to replacing it. It's like an old friend. It will rust if not looked after, but the care is worth it. I have gotten in the habit of going over mine with an oil rag when I come in. These are my favorite. Strong, flexible, good price, good times...

  • 5
    Strong and fast

    Posted by Rob Murphy on Jun 7th 2016

    The 7.5mm is by far my favorite shaft for my 55" Deathstick in both freeshafting and line shafting applications. It is fast, even with 1-2 bands freeshafting. But still has solid knockdown power and bend resistance. It also still has enough mass to carry a line to the end of a double wrap with force with 2-3 bands.

  • 5
    Mako Speargun

    Posted by David Arnon on Aug 31st 2015

    Love you guys Love your stuff Love your professionalism !

  • 5
    Nice gun!

    Posted by Mark Kowalsky on Jul 23rd 2015

    I've been using my 110 in Costa Rica and Mexico on holidays. Shot a 40 pound amberjack with it in June, a PB. Nice gun, very sturdy construction.

  • 5
    american shafts

    Posted by Jay on May 18th 2015

    shafts came quick and they look very nice. The welded tabs seem very strong and the tip is super sharp and the flopper is tuned perfectly to deploy and stay open.