Squid Flasher DIY Kit with Trolling Weight

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Squid Fish Flasher Do-It-Yourself Kit - includes Trolling Weight

My Squid Flasher (do it yourself kit) is the hottest fish flasher system in the ocean.

Don’t buy a $15.00 box of wine just to get a silver bag!

My dive buddy from Baja, was buying “ wine boxes”, then, pouring out the wine, just to get the mylar bags. After adding the weight, they were costing him around $18.00 each.

So, he suggested I come up with a cheaper and better way to make them.

And here it is..

Bigger..Better..Costs a lot less!

Combined with the MAKO Spearguns Fish Flashers and our Throw Flashers, these Squid Flashers make for a winning combination on any hunt.

Each kit makes one X-large size Squid Flasher. Get multiple kits and chain several of them on a single line to attract even more fish.

This do it yourself kit includes everything you need to make a badass squid flasher.



  • 1 piece 19 inches long x 13 inches wide flasher bag (makes 1 X-large flasher)
  • 1 piece of 300lb mono and 2 crimps for making loop ends
  • 1 double eyelet trolling weight 2 oz
  • 1 piece of 20mm latex tubing for underbody
  • 1 tie wrap for securing flasher material to latex tubing
Buzz Bomb Flasher DIY Kit

Squid Flasher DIY Kit with trolling weight

Optional Mini Mesh Bag

The MAKO Spearguns Mini Mesh Bag is the perfect solution for storing all those smaller items that are essential for your dive. No more digging through your dive bag. Spend less time searching and more time diving!

Includes draw string closure and plastic clip.

Measures 12.5" tall x 9" wide.

Perfect size to store your Buzz Bomb Fish Flasher

Perfect size to store your Buzz Bomb Fish Flasher

Instructions for building your Squid Fish Flasher

Tape the welded end of the bag to a piece of cardboard and cut 3/8” to ½” wide strips using a razor blade and a straight edge.

Leave at least 1 inch of material at the top uncut.

For a less precise method, a pair of scissors can be used.

buzz bomb fish flasher DIY step 1

Cut 3/8" - 1/2" wide strips using a razor blade or scissors

buzz bomb fish flasher DIY step 2

Notice 1” of material at top left uncut.

Next, feed your mono through the hole of the supplied piece of latex tubing and crimp loops on both ends, securing the 2 oz weight to one end.

buzz bomb fish flasher DIY step 3

Slip the mono through the tubing and create loops on both ends

Then, tape one side of the flasher skirt to the 20mm latex tubing and begin to wrap it around and around the piece of 20mm tubing and secure with the supplied tie wrap (or constrictor knot) when done.

Trim excess piece of tie wrap and you are done. Multiple squid flashers can be placed on a single line for enhanced effect.

buzz bomb fish flasher DIY step 4

Wrap the flasher around the tubing

buzz bomb fish flasher DIY step 5

Use the Tie Wrap to secure the flasher to the tubing

Buzz Bomb Flasher DIY Kit

Completed Squid Fish Flasher

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  • 4
    Amazing flash but 2oz weight too light for best action

    Posted by Georgiy Maruzhenko on Apr 14th 2023

    Assembly process easy and all parts come nicely ready for fab. That being said 2 oz weight is too light for getting the flasher to depth, I’d suggest mako team to bump it up to at least 4oz as I have done in my setup. Reason is, the flasher has so much drag that it moves very slow with the 2 oz weight forcing it down.

  • 5
    Buzz bomb

    Posted by james Gaspar on Sep 16th 2020

    Delivery excellent alone with product. Easy and fun to put together and looks insane in the water. Can’t wait till the fish are around. Thank you

  • 5
    Nice flasher

    Posted by Glen on Dec 13th 2019

    I have used this a few times in shallow reefs, the fish seem to stick around longer rather than leaving the area. I haven't used it drift diving since there are too many float lines in the water for it to get tangled up on.

  • 5
    Works when oth...

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 13th 2019

    Works when other flashers don't.

  • 5

    Posted by Joel Fernandez on Dec 13th 2019


  • 5
    Great kit

    Posted by Dwight Dearmon on Apr 25th 2019

    Great kit. Reasonably priced, package arrived on time, and in great condition. Can't wait to get out and try it on a nice doggie.

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 27th 2018

  • 5
    Excellent Service

    Posted by Wesley Moore on Mar 29th 2018

    Ordered my buzz bomb and received it fast with no problems

  • 5
    Easy to do and it works

    Posted by Andrew Chase on Mar 20th 2018

    When I ordered the flasher I didn’t read the whole post and assumed I was buying a flasher and not a DIY kit. So when I received it I was a little disappointed. I went back to the website and saw the instructions, went ahead and followed them and it really was simple and easy. My flashers look great and the cost is very cheap compared to other flashers on the market. Very happy with purchase and would definitely recommend this to you.

  • 5
    Bargain at twice the price

    Posted by Tom B. on Feb 13th 2018

    Unable to find wine bags that were mylar, all ours are clear, i was stoked to see this kit. We know it works and it is simple and easy to out together. An instruction sheet would help, but I watched youtube and figured it out. 9 out of 10 easy.