MAKO Spartan Elite Carbon and Aluminum Spearguns

MAKO Spartan Elite Carbon and Aluminum Spearguns

Posted by MAKO Spearguns on Mar 16th 2023

MAKO Spartan Elite Carbon and Aluminum Spearguns

Since it’s release, the MAKO Titan Elite Speargun with the Ermes Sub double roller trigger has been the best aluminum speargun on the market. And now, with the new MAKO Spartan Elite, we have the two best aluminum spearguns available.

Additionally, because the new Spartan Elite comes in a carbon version, we have the best carbon speargun.

Just like the MAKO Titan Elites, the Spartan Elites come with, the 100% stainless steel, double roller triggers, made for MAKO by Ermes Sub of Italy. This is the strongest, smoothest and most accurate trigger ever installed on a speargun. We install them on all Titans, Spartans, and our full line of wood guns.

As you can see, these patented triggers are equipped with two roller wheels which completely eliminate friction between the trigger and the sear and again between the sear and the spear. This new technology is a total game changer for spearguns because it dramatically increases accuracy.

To further illustrate, here is an example of a standard trigger used on older guns. They are actually called friction triggers and for good reasons. Notice these friction triggers have no wheels. So, metal on metal friction occurs here, where the trigger meets the sear, and again where the sear meets the spear. This metal on metal friction causes scarring and makes it harder to pull the trigger which throws off your shot. Here is an up close look at what this scarring looks like. Over time, it will get even worse, making it even harder to pull the trigger with each shot.

This rolling off action eliminates friction which increases accuracy.

Notice how the spear actually rolls off the spear as the wheel drops down and releases the spear.

This new technology is a total game changer and it doesn’t matter how many bands you have or if you power up your bands. The MAKO double roller trigger will always have the smoothest, most accurate trigger pull ever on a speargun.

For the handles, we use the Ermes Sub Avatar. This handle is loaded with features such as: 

1. High positioning ergonomic silicone grip to minimize recoil lift and maximize accuracy. 

2. Fully interchangeable and removable side stabilizing supports available for both left handed and right handed divers. 

3. Comfortable loading butt for non slip and pain free loading. 

4. Easy on/off safety 

5. This handle is also designed to accept optional camera mount, rapid on/off reel mount and fish call which mounts to handle and reel.

MAKO Spartan Elites come with a conventional muzzle, as well as a roller muzzle. These muzzles are completely interchangeable. This means you can go from a conventional muzzle to a roller muzzle and you can go from a roller muzzle to a conventional muzzle. If your unsure which muzzle is right for you, you can check out my video comparing a roller muzzle to a conventional muzzle

As I mentioned, the MAKO Spartan Elites come in an aluminum barrel and a carbon barrel. Notice the Spartan carbon barrel has wings which provide increased buoyancy and perfect balancing. This added buoyancy is much needed if you have a roller muzzle, and or, a reel on your gun.

Also, notice the Spartan Elite gun with the aluminum barrel and roller muzzle includes the MAKO Barrel Float. Just like the wings on the carbon barrel, the MAKO Barrel Float adds buoyancy and balancing to aluminum guns to compensate for the added weight of roller muzzles and reels. This is extremely important for a well balanced gun.

For the spear, each gun includes a South African carbon spear with sharkfin tabs. Carbon spears are much stronger than stainless steel spears and sharkfin tabs are much stronger than notches. Notice here how fifty percent of the spear has been removed to make the notch. However, with the MAKO sharkfin tabs, material is actually added to the spear, thus making for a much stronger spear. 

To power your spear, the MAKO power bands are the highest quality available. They’re made by Primeline industries of Akron, Ohio and include the MAKO quick change wishbones which allow you to add, remove and change bands without cutting or tying constrictor knots. To go with your MAKO Spartan Elite Spearguns, we have a full line of high performance accessories.

Now, when considering the price, you would expect the MAKO guns with the double roller triggers, and modified barrels to cost more than older guns with friction triggers and regular barrels. But because MAKO only sells direct, there is no dive shop markup. Therefore, the MAKO guns with the Ermes Sub double roller triggers and all the advanced features, actually cost less than old style guns with friction triggers

Just like all MAKO products, you get the highest quality gear, direct from MAKO without the dive shop markup. Well, thanks guys for taking time to view this. For more information on our MAKO Spartan Elite spearguns as well as our full line of high performance spearfishing gear, please visit our website at MAKO Spearguns dot com.

Dive safe.