MAKO Spartan Elite Speargun Handle (Ermes Sub Avatar)

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Item Description

MAKO Spartan Elite Speargun Handle (Ermes Sub Avatar)

In cooperation with Ermes sub of Italy, MAKO Spearguns now offers the Ermes Sub Avatar handle specifically made for all MAKO SPARTAN ELITE SPEARGUNS

NOTE: All MAKO Titan Elite handles and MAKO Spartan Elite handles, both include a patented Ermes sub Double Roller Trigger Mechanism.  These are the best trigger mechanisms on the planet. The double roller technology eliminates friction, resulting in a smooth and accurate trigger pull, no matter how many bands you have.

Features and benefits of the MAKO SPARTAN ELITE (Ermes Sub Avatar) handle include the following:

  • Ermes sub double roller trigger mechanism is the strongest, smoothest and most accurate trigger on the planet. Increases accuracy because you always have the same trigger pull, regardless of how many bands you have on.
  • High handle design eliminates muzzle lift resulting in more accurate shots because the recoil path is directly linier with your arm.
  • Hand stabilizer for right handed divers eliminates side to side movement.
  • Comfortable loading butt makes loading easy and painless (no pain / no slip)
  • Includes bridal attachment point for roller guns.
  • Side line release holds double wrap mono
  • Accepts optional vertical reel on trigger guard
  • Accepts optional camera mount
  • Accepts optional fish call
  • Available with black, blue and white comfortable grip
  • Fits barrels 26.5mm ID without any filing or sanding needed
  • Fits barrels 26.0mm ID with minor filing or sanding needed

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MAKO Spartan Elite Speargun Handle