Video: High Pressure Spearfishing Float Design Features

Video: High Pressure Spearfishing Float Design Features

Posted by MAKO Spearguns on Jan 11th 2023

The MAKO Spearguns High Pressure Spearfishing Floats are loaded up with features, like the Zodiac Nose Cone, a rear handle, rear inflate valve and rear D ring.

Hey Guys, Dave here again with MAKO Spearguns and today, Dano is going to show us some features of the MAKO Spearguns High Pressure Spearfishing Floats.

When Dano designed these floats using a zodiac nose cone, we knew they would be popular. But, we had no idea they would become this popular.

During the design and testing phase, Dano found that the zodiac nose cone could be pulled effortlessly through the water. Even in current, there is minimal drag compared to other floats.

In addition to the streamlined shape of the nose cone, the stainless steel D ring and the geometric design of the heavy duty strap, further reduces drag and eliminates tangling with your buddies float lines and sargassum weed.

Equally important to the highly efficient hydrodynamic design, the near bullet proof "zodiac nose cone" also adds to the overall ruggedness of the float. The Zodiac Nose cone can bang into rocks, coral, propellers and even razor sharp trim tabs and it will not puncture. Don’t try this with any other float.

In addition to the Nose Cone, Dano added another important feature… A handle on the back of the float for enhanced safety. This is something that other floats do not have but is badly needed.

Also mounted on the back of the float is a second stainless steel D ring for attaching accessories and note the location of the Schrader inflate valve.

In addition to designing the nose so it would not get caught up on your buddies float lines and sargassum weed, Dano also placed the inflate valve on the back of the float instead of the side of the float. This positioning of the valve is very important, as it also eliminates tangles with float lines and sea weed.

The MAKO High Pressure Floats are available in 3 sizes. The 15 liter, 30 liter and the humungous 60 liter.

Because these floats can handle higher pressure than your typical lung filled floats, they can maintain their full lift capacity, even when towed underwater to a depth of 3 atmospheres.

And, for those of you who shore dive, we offer two 15 liter High Pressure floats, one with and one without a removable dive flag. Notice here how Dano designed the 15L dive flag float with a removable sailboat style weighted keel which keeps the flag upright with hardly any drag whatsoever.

As you can see, the MAKO Spearguns High Pressure Floats are uniquely designed, and produced to be the absolute highest quality spearfishing floats available.

And, because MAKO spearguns sells direct to you, the diver, instead of through dive shops, these floats actually cost less than other floats that lack these high performance features found only on the MAKO Spearguns high pressure floats.

Thanks guys for taking time to watch this video.

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At MAKO Spearguns we us the exact same factories as the more expensive brands and we ensure the same high quality.

But because we sell direct to you, instead of through dive shops our prices are much lower.

Same Factories, Same High Quality, No dive shop markups.

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