Freedive Training Float Complete Package (Professional Grade)

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Item Description

MAKO Freedive Training Float Complete Package (Professional Grade)

The MAKO Freedive Training /Competition Float Complete Package is a professional grade freedive training buoy, designed by and made for professional freedive instructors and freedive competitors.

Everything on this float is top of the line, professional grade quality.


Attention Freedivers #2: THE MAKO INNER BLADDERS ARE MADE OF THE SAME HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL used to make Salvage diving lift bags and the D rings are 100% stainless steel (not plastic).

Attention Freedivers #3: SO, NO NEED TO BUY A TRUCK INNER TUBE TO REPLACE THE INNER BLADDER and your D rings won’t break!

The Complete Package includes:

  • MAKO Pro Series Freedive training Buoy with up-armored inner bladder and 100% stainless steel D rings and rubberized handles
  • 75' of freediving rope (can be upgraded to 100ft, 125ft, 150ft, 175ft, or 200ft)
  • Freedive lanyard (highly recommended for safety)
  • Dive flag with stiffener (removable)
  • Dive flag holder (removable)
  • Two stainless steel locking carabiners (connect pulley to float / connect weight strap to rope)
  • One rope pulley to easily adjust the depth of your bottom plate
  • One competition bottom plate
  • One mini locator Beacon
  • One competition weight strap(easy to add and remove weights) NOTE: (weights not included)

This is the highest quality freedive training buoy available.

Because we sell direct to divers, our Freedive Training Buoy with all these upgrades, actually costs less than Freedive Training Buoys that don’t have these upgrades.

That is the MAKO advantage…

Higher quality gear - Direct to Divers - No dive shop markup.

Includes: 2 MAKO Locking Carabiners

The MAKO locking carabiner is used topside with the MAKO Freedive training buoy to connect your rope and or pulley to the freedive training buoy, as well as bottom side in connecting your rope to the MAKO weight strap.

We include 2 of these carabiners. One for attaching the pulley to the float and one for attaching the weight strap to the rope.

Locking Carabiners

Includes: Octopus Pulley

The Octopus pulling system is used by professional freedive instructors and competitive divers to manage their dive lines. It is a smart product which is easy to use, sturdy (max. load 250kg), efficient, compact, ergonomic and at an affordable price while maintaining high-quality components.

Try it once and you will never go back to using just the simple carabiner! Designed and tested by Swiss record-holder Pascal Berger.

Octopus Pulley

Includes: Freedive Rope

Our 75 feet of our 3/8” premium grade, solid braid polyester rope.  It is perfect for Freedive line diving and other diving applications.  Break strength is 3,100 lbs 100% marine grade polyester Mold, mildew and chemical resistant UV stabilized 3/8” diameter Solid braid.

You can upgrade from the included 75 foot length to 100ft, 125ft, 150ft, 175ft or 200ft

Freedive Rope

Includes: Freedive Bottom Plate

The MAKO Spearguns Freedive Bottom Plate is a professional grade freediving bottom plate used by freedive instructors, world class freedive competitors and pure freedivers working on their technique.

Surrounding the perimeter of the freedive bottom plate are a series of through holes for attaching verification tags.

Freedive Bottom Plate

Includes: Freedive Rope Weight Strap

The MAKO freedive rope weight strap is what the professional freedive instructors and competitive freedivers use to weight their dive rope.

The stainless steel buckle/strap system allows for easy installation and removal of standard dive weights and has a formed loop for securing to a rope or a locking carabiner.

Freedive Rope Weight Strap

Includes: MAKO Mini Locator Beacon

This Mini locator beacon light is perfect for attaching to the backside of your belt, vest or BC.  Allows your dive buddy on the surface to track your movements while you are at depth.

Can also be attached to bottom plates when freedive training.

Freedive instructors can attach them to their students.


Mini Locator Beacon

Includes: MAKO Freedive Lanyard

The MAKO Spearguns Freedive Lanyard is designed specifically for line diving. The lanyard includes a completely hermetically sealed steel cable that is molded inside a super abrasion resistant outer jacket for un matched strength and redundancy.

Approved for competitive use by AIDA


Freedive Lanyard

Recommended Option: MAKO Dive Weights

Lace through weight, uncoated.

We recommend 4, 4lb weights (not included in the package)

Check out the 4 Pound Weights here

Four Pound Weights