Freedive Rope Weight Strap

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Item Description

MAKO Freedive Rope Weight Strap

The MAKO freedive rope weight strap is what the professional freedive instructors and competitive freedivers use to weight their dive rope.

The stainless steel buckle/strap system allows for easy installation and removal of standard dive weights and has a formed loop for securing to a rope or a locking carabiner.

Definitely the professional diver’s choice in weighting your freedive rope.

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 This is the best complete freediving training package available.


  • Mako Pro Series Freedive training Buoy with up-armored inner bladder and 100% stainless steel D rings and rubberized handles
  • Freedive lanyard (highly recommended for safety)
  • Dive flag with stiffener (removable)
  • Dive flag holder (removable)
  • Two stainless steel locking carabiners (connect pulley to float / connect weight strap to rope)
  • One rope pulley to easily adjust the depth of your bottom plate
  • One competition bottom plate
  • One mini locator Beacon
  • One competition weight strap(easy to add and remove weights) NOTE: (weights not included)

This is the highest quality freedive training buoy available.

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Freedive Training Float Complete Package