Double Roller Euro Speargun Reverse Trigger Mechanism

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Item Description

Double Roller Euro Speargun Reverse Trigger Mechanism (for wood spearguns)

Hey Guys,
I want to give recognition and sincere thanks to the following guys who helped me with this awesome trigger mechanism...

Majd (aka. Spear Q8), thanks for your never ending generosity in sharing your trigger mechanism designs and manufacturing techniques.

Mario w/Ermes Sub, manufacturer of the best trigger mechanisms in the world. Gracias mi hermano!

The MAKO Double Roller Speargun Reverse Trigger Mechanism is the smoothest and most advanced trigger mechanism ever made.

Using patented technology and produced to our exact specifications by Ermes Sub of Italy, this mech has two rollers that act like wheels to eliminate friction and deliver the smoothest spear release possible, resulting dramatically enhanced accuracy.

The patented double roller design uses one roller wheel at the "trigger to sear" contact point and another roller/wheel at the "sear to spear" contact point.


The elimination of friction at these contact points eliminates “galling” commonly found on standard reverse trigger mechanisms. “Galling” is the scratching and marring of the metal surfaces of the trigger, sear and spear caused by repeated contact between two metal surfaces, eg trigger to sear and sear to spear. This “galling” which occurs on standard reverse trigger mechanisms, causes inconsistent trigger pulls, resulting in a loss of accuracy, missed shots, and gets worse over time.

The shaft is more stable and true as it exits the mechanism. This is because the back roller (sear to spear) actually falls down and the spear rolls over the back roller instead of the speed bump effect as seen on regular mechanisms. This makes the shaft exit the mechanism with much more stability, which of course means higher performance, more accuracy and more penetration.

Features include:

  • 100% Stainless steel trigger, line release, sear and twin rollers
  • Machined to exacting standards
  • Selectable left or right hand line release
  • Auto resetting line release
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Double rollers eliminate friction for a smooth release
  • Works on all euro spears
  • Mech can easily handle 3 (tight) 16-mm bands
  • Fits trigger pocket cut with standard 19/32 router bit
  • Includes: Two 2" long mech pins

Dano shows why the MAKO Double Roller trigger mechanisms are the best speargun triggers ever installed on a speargun.

Double roller wheels deliver smooth accurate shots

Double roller wheels eliminate galling and deliver smooth, accurate shots.

image-divider Switches from left to right side line release

Switches from left to right side line release

image-divider Optional mech jig

Optional mech jig

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  • 5
    Double roller euro speargun trigger mechanism

    Posted by Joel Kawate on Mar 7th 2023

    Great mech. Will see how durable it is in the harsh Hawaii waters. Very smooth release and quiet.

  • 4
    Double Roller Euro Trigger mech

    Posted by David Small on Sep 17th 2022

    I love the design of this trigger mech, I had to make some minor modifications for it to fit my gun, but otherwise a great mechanism. The only mods I had to do were the line holding arm was to short for the hun I built, as was the trigger itself. These were easily remedied. I will be ordering more parts from Mako in the future.