Youth Size Yamamoto 3D Reef Camo 2 Piece Open Cell Wetsuits

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Youth Size Yamamoto 3D Reef Camo Wetsuit - 2 Piece Open Cell

Start out with the highest quality wetsuit available for your kid

If your kids are warm and comfortable, they will be more likely to enjoy the sport and gain the confidence necessary to carry them into adulthood. If they are cold and miserable, they will not.

The MAKO Spearguns Yamamoto 3D Reef Camo Adult Wetsuits are regarded as the highest quality wetsuits in the world. And our Youth suits are made to the exact specifications as our adult suits, thus making the MAKO Spearguns Yamamoto suits for Youths, the best kid’s suits on the planet!

Don't let the low price fool you!

  • I use the exact same high quality factories as the more expensive brands.
  • I use only the highest quality 100% Genuine Yamamoto Neoprene direct from Yamamoto of Japan.
  • NO DIVE SHOP MARKUP! I sell direct to you, instead of through dive shops. So, my prices are much lower! (See the MAKO DIRECT Story!)

Yamamoto of Japan neoprene material is regarded as the highest quality wetsuit material in the world.

Our wetsuits are certified by Tomizo Yamamoto (President of YAMAMOTO Corporation) and myself (Dano Krahling, President of MAKO Spearguns) to be Genuine YAMAMOTO Neoprene.

Genuine YAMAMOTO Neoprene Certificate

In addition to using the absolute best Yamamoto Neoprene, the Yamamoto outer material offers 30 percent more stretch than any other outer material available. We call it Yamamoto "Mega Stretch" and it takes wetsuit technology to a whole new level.

Serious freedivers are especially quick to recognize the increased lung capacity this material provides. Increased lung capacity means increased dive time and peak performance.

The new Youth 3D Reef Camo wetsuit includes the following features:

  • 100% Genuine Yamamoto #39 Neoprene: The finest neoprene material in the world.
  • Yamamoto Mega Stretch outer material: The stretchiest material available, proven to increase breath hold times.
  • Selectable Bottoms: High Waist or Farmer Johns - your choice.
  • Integrated Ergonomic Hood: Ensures maximum warmth.
  • Knee Pads: Real padded material sewn on (not a thin piece of glued on rubber).
  • Chest loading pad: Real padded material sewn on (not a thin piece of glued on rubber).
  • Knife Pocket: This is a huge safety feature that all suits must have!
  • Ergonomic Face Seal: Maximizes comfort and keeps cold water out.
  • Wrist and Ankle Cuffs: Another added feature that keeps cold water out.
  • Beaver Tail: With Durable snaps
  • Thicknesses: Available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm


High Waist Bottoms or Farmer Johns? You decide. Each suit comes with the Farmer John Bottoms for added warmth. However, if you prefer the High Waist Pants, no problem. We designed the upper seam in the appropriate spot to allow you, the diver to remove the shoulder straps by following (cutting) just above the strategically placed seam for a perfect and professional looking cut that will not fray. But, don't throw away the newly created tank top. You might want to save it for a chilly day.

NOTE: Open cell suits are 20% warmer than closed cell suits. For example, a 5 mm open cell suit will be as warm or warmer than a 7mm closed cell (nylon lined) suit. The benefits include greater warmth and comfort with less bulk and less lead required to control buoyancy. Serious freedivers prefer these suits because they spend much more time in the water than bottom-time restricted scuba divers.

NOTE: Open cell suits are not put on the same way as closed cell suits. Putting on an open cell suit is fast and easy. However, because the inside of an open cell suit is not lined, you must use a lubricant sprayed inside the suit. We recommend " Suit Slide" a scent free, non petroleum based lubricant designed for Spearfishermen. Once applied, putting on an open cell suit (unlined) is actually faster than putting on a closed cell (lined) suit.

Also, check out Suit Fresh - the first product to clean, remove odors and condition your suit all in one. It is made with organic ingredients. It eliminates odors, uric acids, sweat, salts and sunscreen. EZ sprayer to make cleaning wetsuits fast, effective and easy. Suit FRESH does not require pre-mixing or a multiple step cleaning process.

Youth Wetsuit Size Chart




Youth Large (48)

4'10" to 5'2"


Adult Small

5'1" to 5'6"


Complete the look with camo fins, brown mini mask and brown snorkel

Complete the look with our matching Competition Freediver Camo fins, Brown Mini Mask and Brown Snorkel

image-divider Genuine YAMAMOTO 3D Reef Camo Dive Gloves

Don't forget to grab a pair of our Yamamoto 3D Reef Camo Gloves

Video: How To Put On An Open Cell Wetsuit

Amanda demonstrates the steps to put your wetsuit on - check it out here

Video: How To take off your 2 piece wetsuit

There are a couple tricks to taking off an Open Cell Wetsuit - check it out here

wetsuit - 3D Reef Camo

Yamamoto 3D Reef Camo Wetsuit - 2 Piece Open Cell

image-divider 3D reef camo wetsuit - hood down

3D Reef Camo wetsuit with hood down

image-divider 3D reef camo wetsuit - farmer john bottoms

Farmer John Bottoms

image-divider 3D reef camo wetsuit Beaver Tail Snaps

Beaver Tail Snaps

image-divider Built in knife pockets save lives. Eliminates the possibility of becoming entangled in lines or nets.

Built in knife pockets save lives. Eliminates the possibility of becoming entangled in lines or nets.

image-divider 3D reef camo wetsuit Knee Pads

Knee Pads are sewn in - not glued on

image-divider face seal wrist and ankle cuffs keep cold water out

Ergonomic face seal maximizes comfort and keeps cold water out

image-divider wrist and ankle cuffs keep cold water out

Wrist & Ankle cuffs keep cold water out

image-divider Youth 3D reef camo wetsuit lowered Chest Loading Pad for both Railguns and Hybrids

lowered Chest Loading Pad for both Railguns and Hybrids

Wetsuit Size Chart
height weight
S 5'4" to 5'6" 135-150
M 5'7" to 5'9" 150-165
ML 5'9" to 5'11" 165-180
L 5'11" to 6'0" 180-195
XL 6'0" to 6'2" 195-205
XXL 6'2" to 6'5" 205-220

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  • 5
    Great wet suit...

    Posted by Amalyn Raymond on Jun 16th 2020

    Great wet suit for my 12 year old son, keeps him warm here in Hawaii when he goes spearfishing great quality wet suit. I highly recommend this wetsuit.

  • 5
    Best suit ever

    Posted by Cody Vyhnalek on Dec 13th 2019

    I’m from Australia and I’m a full time scuba instructor I bought this suit from you guys. After having at least 5 different branded suits The fit is extreme !! Never had a better fitting suit in my life. Soo comfortable probly not a choice for scuba divers but I’ll tell you now it will tick all the boxes. Comfortable water tight flexible warm an no chaffing at all. Iv been on the hunt for a suit like this for more than 5 years. I’m also a sprearo but haven’t speared in it yet. Iv done 25 shore dives with it in the last few weeks and no sign of any potential wear points. I could be a very fragile suit if you don’t use it properly but super durable if used correctly lube lube lube. I’ Most definitely getting another one !!

  • 5
    Youth dive wet suit size youth large

    Posted by Janis on Dec 13th 2019

    Nice fast service and shipment of items. I cannot comment on the suit yet because it is a Xmas present . I appreciate your good customer service especially if we’re paying so much for an item. Thank you!

  • 5
    Best Wetsuit Ever!

    Posted by Laura Beresford on Nov 29th 2018

    Love this wetsuit so much! It keeps me so warm while diving in cold Santa Barbara water. Before this wetsuit I had never felt warm while diving- now cold is no longer a limiting factor ! Also I am a petite woman 5’1” 100lbs and I was very excited that the kids size fits me perfectly! Best purchase I’ve made!