Permit Half Sided Fiberglass Fish Mount (32 inch)

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Item Description

Permit Half Sided Fiberglass Fish Mount (32 inch)

This is a stunningly beautiful 32 inch Half Sided Fiberglass Permit, airbrushed by Alison Truss of South Africa.

It measures 32 inches long x 18 inches tall and protrudes 2.5 inches from the wall.

Half sided fish mounts are smart and affordable alternative to full mounts (two sided ) fish mounts.

To make a full mount, two sides are casted and then bonded together which is very time consuming and expensive.

Considering only ½ of the fish is actually seen from straight on, the Half Sided Fish Mounts make a lot more sense.

They cost a lot less and are just as magnificent.

And, unlike other half mounts, our half mounts have a more 3 dimensional appearance with some parts of the fish, such as fins curve slightly away from the wall.

MAKO Permit Half-Sided Fiberglass Fish Mount