One-Handed Hoop Stringer

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Item Description

One-Handed Hoop Stringer

This fish stringer is intended for one hand operation. The design is very popular with commercial spearos because of the simplicity of operation.

This stringer is made of 5/16” spring stainless steel and will never wear out or fail.

The benefit of this design is that it allows the diver to hold the stringer with one hand, hold the fish with the other and string the fish through the eyes, BEFORE opening the stringer. Once the fish is fully impaled by the straight portion of the shank, the diver then opens the stringer and slides the fish onto the circular portion of the stringer without ever losing grip (and control) of the fish. The stringer is then closed.

This eliminates the possibility of previously speared fish from sliding off an opened stringer and provides for continuous control of the speared fish.

Works well for freedivers who keep a stringer on a kayak or float.

This stringer has the capacity to hold 50 to 100 lbs of fish. Hoop measures 14” by 9.25” Spike Length: 8”

optional double ender clip

Stringer shown with optional double ender clip