Oceanic F.10

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Oceanic F.10 Freedive Watch V3

Now available: Version 3 Oceanic F.10 Freedive Watch, the best dedicated freediving watch on the market today. The F.10 dedicated freediving watch comes equipped with everything you'll need for one deep breath. Provides digital depth, elapsed dive time on the surface and underwater, and a generous collection of customizable audible and visual LED alarms and interval prompts for ultimate performance and safety.


"The Oceanic F.10 was designed by freedivers for freedivers. It has many freediving specific features including a wide variety of convenient alarms. It's ideally suited for all types of breath-hold diving, spearfishing or freediving, recreational to competitive. I've personally been diving with this computer for the past 14 months and find the repetitive depth alarm to be of specific value as it can track each atmosphere. The F.10 also features a surface interval alarm which is very beneficial during my interval training for competitive freediving. It has a unique safety feature of an on-going stopwatch so whilst in-water my running time does not get erased if the computer becomes submerged- unlike with any other freediving computer. Right now, this is simply the best freediving computer on the market- period."

Martin Stepanek
Multiple World Record Holder
F.I.I. Founder

Endorsed by F.I.I. The Leading Freediving Education Agency

Oceanic F10 Dive Computer Side View

Oceanic F10 Dive Computer Side View

Oceanic F10 Dive Computer Back View

Oceanic F10 Dive Computer Back View

The F.10 V3 builds on the V2 with new functionality including:

  • Automatic Wet Dive Activation from Watch Mode
  • Backlight activates during audible alarms
  • Auto countdown timer reset and start
  • Improved log access
  • Dual time on main watch display option

Additional Features:

  • Freedive Mode Main displays Depth and Elapsed Dive Time with access to either a pre-set countdown timer or lap timer
  • User defined surface recovery timer, repeating elapsed dive time alarm, repeating depth interval alarm and 3 max depth alarms - with flashing LED and auto-backlight illumination
  • 99 dive log with Max Depth, EDT, Surface Interval
  • :01 step profile scroll - EDIT and Depth
  • History Mode including total EDT and number of dives, Max depth ever with its EDT, Longest EDT ever with its Max Depth, Average Max Depth, EDT, and number of dives per day
  • Digital watch functions including alternate time zone, chronograph, daily alarm, and countdown timer
  • Optional PC Downloadable with 1 second sampling rate
  • User-Replaceable Battery
  • User settable depth activation for shallow water training
  • User updatable firmware - with optional cable
  • Salt / Fresh Water setting
  • Improved time and depth settings resolution
  • Repeatable countdown timer for interval training
  • Added history for the last session (resets at midnight, or may be manually reset)

Note: The Oceanic F.10 requires an optional, special USB cable to connect your F.10 to your PC. The cable is available here and the software and drivers can be downloaded here.

MAKO SPEARGUNS is an Authorized Oceanic Dealer. Unfortunately, not every business that advertises Oceanic products is an Authorized Dealer. Products not purchased from an Authorized may not be authentic, complete or have all the latest design and production updates and may have been tampered with. If you purchase products from a non Authorized Dealer, neither Oceanic, nor an Authorized Dealer is obligated to offer you warranty service program coverage. Feel free to contact Oceanic directly to confirm MAKO SPEARGUNS is an authorized Oceanic Dealer.

The Oceanic F.10 User Manual is available for download here.

Oceanic F.10 Instructional Videos

F.10 Tutorial - Introduction - Button Operation & User-Interface
Tutorial video for the F.10 Introduction to button operation and user-interface using the eDiving scuba diving simulator. To eDive with the AERIS F.10 yourself for free, visit www.ediving.us

F.10 Tutorial - Watch Mode
Tutorial video for the F.10 Watch Mode using the eDiving scuba diving simulator.

F.10 Tutorial - Surface Displays and Settings Menu
Tutorial video for the F.10 Dive Mode Surface Displays and Menu Settings using the eDiving scuba diving simulator.

F.10 Tutorial - Freedive Mode
Tutorial video for the F.10 freedive mode including main and alternate displays using the eDiving scuba diving simulator.

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  • 4
    Solid Freediving Computer

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 22nd 2019

    UI not as smooth initially but it works beautifully once you get it set up. The numbers are nice, big, and easy to read. The unit feels solid and very robust.

  • 5
    Great investment

    Posted by Christopher Samson on Jan 29th 2019

    Having a dive watch is a game changer. Makes you way more comfortable in the water which reduces oxygen consumption. This was the best watch I could find for freediving within my price range. I'm going to give this watch a 5 star review but I do have one complaint. The Manuel tells you how to set each of the settings but it does not tell you what the settings does or means. I have guessed on a few of them. The Manuel is a little frustrating so I got my wife to set up the watch haha. I would suggest Mako make a short video on each of the functions as I could not find any information online.

  • 5
    Great Computer

    Posted by Todd Henderson on Aug 16th 2018

    This is the second one we have purchased. I acquired this one for my girlfriend since I have enjoyed mine so much.

  • 5
    My go to spearfishing source!

    Posted by Kurtz28 on Jun 25th 2018

    Awesome product and great customer service! Mako is my first stop when looking for spearfishing gear!

  • 5
    Order from mexico

    Posted by John Papajohn on Nov 25th 2017

    Had an awesome experience! Ordered the oceanic f10 watch over the phone from a blustery dune top in Baja California! The sales rep was patient and cooperative with me the get the order placed in the nic of time! Super stoked and hit new records with the watch diving 85ft for grouper and pargo on this trip! Cheers boys!

  • 5
    Aeris F.10

    Posted by dominic vadala on Nov 7th 2017

    Love the watch this is my second one, the first I gave away. It does everything I want and more. What really stood out was the customer service of Mako. I wish I could remember the guys name who helped me and shipped the watch same day so I could have it from my spearfishing trip! Way to go guys you knocked it out of the park.

  • 5
    Great customer service

    Posted by michael svitek on Sep 14th 2017

    These guys do it like it should be done! Every other retailer should take lessons from them.

  • 5
    Areis f10 bro deal

    Posted by Joshua Brouwer on Jul 13th 2017

    The watch came in a few days and works perfectly I couldn't be happier with the transaction! Thanks Dano!

  • 5
    Excellent service

    Posted by Jason Nguyen on Jul 13th 2017

    I am very happy to buy things from Mako speargun since I knew the shop !

  • 5
    I like it!

    Posted by Gretta Starnes on Jun 23rd 2017

    Have worn this watch for some relatively basic freediving/spearfishing in the Bahamas. Shallow depths max 50ft. It gives me the info I need and is easy to learn how to operate. Mako as always very easy and helpful to work with. Happy!

  • 5
    Good watch great price

    Posted by william wilson on Jun 23rd 2017

    I originally bought a Aeris F. 10 from Mako Spearguns for my son when he started free diving in High School. He wore the watch everyday and it has made countless free diving dives. Unfortunately someone stole his watch at school so for his birthday I got him another one at a great price again from Mako Spearguns. They shipped it to him at school. It was a smooth painless purchase.

  • 5
    I never free dive without it

    Posted by Jeff Kelly on Mar 30th 2017

    I'm 72. I've been free diving since I was a teen. When I started I hadn't a clue about SWB. I'm lucky to be alive - truly. The F.10 (Aeris / Oceanic) is easy to use and keeps me safe. I recommend it. I also recommend Mako Spearguns. Their Tin Man weights are a huge improvement over threaded weights. My Marc Valentine, Wong and Rob Allen guns are about worn out. I'm planning to buy a Mako gun next.