Ocean Guardian Shark Shield for Swimming

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Item Description

Ocean Guardian Shark Shield for Swimming

The Ocean Guardian BOAT01 Shark Shield is ideal for swimming off a boat or jetty.

Sharks have short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for finding food. Ocean Guardian’s patented technology creates a powerful three-dimensional electrical field which causes spasms in these sensitive receptors turning sharks away, including Great Whites.

Swim With Confidence With the BOAT01!

The Ocean Guardian BOAT01 is the world’s first innovative long-range shark deterrent system, powered by Shark Shield Technology and designed specifically for swimming. Boat owners and their guests will have the confidence to enjoy the ocean anytime, anywhere. Imagine swimming with your family off the back of your boat with peace of mind; knowing everyone is protected by proven shark deterrent technology.

As seen on National Geographic

Benefits & Features

  • Delivers a powerful electrical field over 8m (26’) deep and 6m (19’) wide.
  • Buoy measure 530mm L x 530mm W x 353mm H (20.87” x 20.87” x 13.9”)
  • Comes standard with 4.4m (14'5") antenna
  • 4.4m antenna has three electrodes, with the out electrodes toggling between the centre one.
  • Antenna is user installable with no tools required. 
  • Up to four devices can be daisy-chained using the same vessel power cable to create a protective "virtual shark net" around the vessel.
  • Built-in lithium battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous operation or power from your vessels 12V/24V
  • Annual safety testing and certification service available
  • Easy to see LED operational status including battery life indicator.
  • Power Module depth rated up to 200m (656')
  • If you have a home on a canal or estuary the BOAT01 is also suitable for use off a private jetty, pier, wharf, dock, or pontoon.
  • Durable roto molded construction and strong nylon cage
  • Available in high visibility yellow & luxury white
  • Insert for dive flag included


The BOAT01 has been developed to keep your family safe, without affecting fish species. Shark Shield Technology has been developed to specifically take advantage of the highly sensitive electrical receptors called the “Ampullae of Lorenzini” present in a sharks snout. As fish are without these receptors, our Shark Shield Technology has negligible effect on them. Simply drop the BOAT01 power module with the antenna installed, off the back of your boat to freely drift around, providing a large and powerful protective swimming area.

BOAT01 Electrical Field