Video: How to Wind Spearfishing Float Lines to Avoid Tangles

Video: How to Wind Spearfishing Float Lines to Avoid Tangles

Posted by MAKO Spearguns on Jan 3rd 2023

In this video, Dano shares with you a neat way to roll up your spearfishing float line to avoid twisting, tangles, and knots

At one time or another, we have all used the old around the elbow method of rolling up an extension cord.

This method always leads to badly twisted cord and plenty of knots and tangles.

Some divers mistakenly use this method with float lines as well.

Even though good quality float lines are equipped with a swivel, this around the elbow method of rolling up a float line can still cause twisting, tangles and knots in even the highest quality float lines.

In this video, Dano is illustrating a method of line management used by mountain climbers, Sherpa's, special forces and rescue personnel.

For float lines, we call it the MAKO method, but it has been around for years.

Notice how this method employs a back and forth motion, each time, reversing the direction of the line.

This ensures the line is not twisted, so it will play out without tangling.

Notice here that this MAKO method is more than twice as fast as the around the elbow method. This is especially important when dealing with multiple divers with multiple float lines.

Watch here again while we zoom in and slow it down a bit. With each retrieval, Dano reverses the direction of the line as he reels it in.

Now watch as he lets the line out. Again, we slowed this down so you can see how there is no twisting of the line and no chance for tangling.

This method also works for rapid deployments seen here as Dano enters the water for another drift.

Here it is once more in real time.

And notice the speed in which the float line is reeled in. Dano is 6' 3" tall, so he has a wingspan of just over 6 feet. So, each time he pulls in line, he is pulling in and winding 6 feet of float line. Compare this to about 15 inches for each wrap using the elbow method.

The next time you reel in your float line, try the MAKO method. You will be glad you did.

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