Video: Installing Accessories on the Professional Inflatable Float

Video: Installing Accessories on the Professional Inflatable Float

Posted by MAKO Spearguns on Jan 11th 2023

In this video, Dano demonstrates the installation of the MAKO Spearguns Professional Inflatable Float accessories including the flag, gun straps and mesh bag.

Hey Guys, Dave here again with MAKO Spearguns and today Dano is going to demonstrate the installation of the MAKO Spearguns Inflatable Spearfishing Float and accessories.

First, we have the optional dive flag, flagpole holder, and flagpole with puncture resistant safety ball at the top.

Notice our dive flag includes the stiffener that's required by law.

Next, we have an easy to install Velcro strap that holds the 2lb weight that acts a keel to keep your dive flag upright.

Although we highly recommend using the dive flag at all times, when diving within legal range of a boat with a properly displayed dive flag, the flag on your float is not required.

Additional options include spare gun straps and a mesh bag for holding your dive accessories. Note, for obvious reasons, when mounting the spare gun, always have the spear tip rear facing.

To install the flag and flagpole holder, first deflate the float enough to insert the flagpole holder in its proper place, then re-inflate the float so the increased pressure keeps it in place.

Next, install the optional 2lb weight and strap onto the float using the center D rings of the float.

Notice how Dano is positioning the weight in the center to ensure a perfect upright position of the flag.

To install the spare gun straps, use the two outer D rings to install the straps. Again, for obvious safety reasons, be sure to mount the gun so that the spear tip is pointing the back of the float.

For divers who like to have accessories nearby such as an emergency light, mask defog, or perhaps some flashers or a go pro, the optional mesh bag is easily installed with the wrap around Velcro strap.

Once your float is set up according to your specific needs, simply attach your float line to the supplied stainless steel D ring and you're ready to dive.

When not in use, the float fits nicely into the included travel bag that incorporates a pocket containing a patch kit for your float.

Thanks guys for taking time to watch this video.

For additional How-To videos be sure to check our website under the Instructional Information link.

At MAKO Spearguns we us the exact same factories as the more expensive brands and we ensure the same high quality.

But because we sell direct to you, instead of through dive shops our prices are much lower.

Same Factories, Same High Quality, No dive shop markups.

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Dive safe!