Tutorial: How to Tie a Double Constrictor Knot for Custom Power Bands

Tutorial: How to Tie a Double Constrictor Knot for Custom Power Bands

Posted by MAKO Spearguns on Jan 16th 2020

Tying your own power bands is easy and inexpensive. Here are the simple steps needed to make the process a success.

Double Constrictor Knot Gear

In your MAKO Spearguns Attack Pack Tool Kit you will need:

  • D) Pliers
  • F) Scissors
  • H) Lighter

You will also need:

NOTE: Bridle wishbones are to be used only with shafts with "Sharkfin Tabs", Pinned Tabs" or shafts with "rounded notches". "Unrounded notched shafts" will cut through bridle wishbones.

WARNING: Some speros will file their notches to accept bridle wishbones, however this process weakens an already weaker shaft and increases the chance of a broken shaft.

MAKO Spearguns offers only high quality shafts with "Sharkfin Tabs" that are almost 50% stronger than notched spears.

tab 1

Sharkfin Tabbed Shafts

tab 1

Smooth Notch Shafts

tab 1

Sharp Notch Shafts


Use band tying line to tie a constrictor knot. Line up constrictor knot and use pliers to tighten know. YOU MUST PULL HARD! Then turn tubing over and tie a 2nd constrictor now on the back side of the tubing.

NOTE: For photographic reasons, we use high vis line. Actual band tying line is much thinner and black in color.

knot 1knot 2knot 3knot 4pull

After tying the second constrictor knot on the opposite side of where the first constrictor knot was tied, remove excess material and burn ends to prevent fraying