Video: How To Rig Your Open Muzzle Speargun

Video: How To Rig Your Open Muzzle Speargun

Posted by MAKO Spearguns on Jan 21st 2018

In this video, we'll demonstrate a few tips when rigging your speargun with an open muzzle.

How To Rig Your Open Muzzle Speargun

Hey Dave Here with MAKO Spearguns.

Today we'd like to show you a few tips when rigging your speargun with an open muzzle.

We'll start by connecting our shooting line to the shock cord clip on this Oceanic railgun

Here's a tip - your shooting can go above or below the spear. Make certain you pull it above the spear.

Holding onto the spear and shooting line, slide the spear above the muzzle then under the bands and set the spear onto the track.

Next, ensure the safety is in the FIRE position. Don't attempt to insert the spear while the safety button is in the Safe mode, it won't accept it. Now with a solid push, engage the spear into the trigger mechanism.

Now, keep the the shooting line taught and draw it under one of the muzzle ears, then over the shaft, and then into the slot in the front of the muzzle.

It doesn't matter if you cross over from right to left, or left to right, just use the method thats easiest for you.

Here's a great shot of the slot the shooting line drops into.

Keeping tension on the shooting line, roll your gun over and move your hand down the railgun maintaining tension on the shooting line.

Using your thumb, pinch the shooting line against the barrel keeping it taught. with your other hand pull the end of the shooting line thats attached to the shock cord and hook it over the release.

and our rigging is complete.

Notice the spear is now held in place by the mono shooting line.

Finally, engage the safety and we're ready to go.

The rigging steps for the Predator Pro are the same except the safety mechanism is slightly different.

Here we press the button so the safety is in the FIRE position,

Then engage the spear, and finally press the button back to the SAFE position and we're ready to go.

Thanks for watching!

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