Video: Overview of the MAKO Double Roller Trigger Mechanism

Video: Overview of the MAKO Double Roller Trigger Mechanism

Posted by MAKO Spearguns on Feb 14th 2023

MAKO Speargun triggers are the best speargun triggers.

Dano with MAKO Spearguns shows why the MAKO Double Roller trigger mechanisms, made for MAKO by Ermes Sub are the best speargun triggers ever installed on a speargun.

Unlike the older friction triggers found on older guns, the MAKO Spearguns Double Roller triggers have two roller wheels that eliminate friction between the trigger and the sear and again between the sear and the spear.

This new technology is a total game changer because the super smooth trigger pull is always the same and it doesn’t matter how many bands you have or if you power up your bands.

To further illustrate, Dano with MAKO Spearguns shows the internal workings of the standard friction triggers found on old school spearguns. You will see these old school friction triggers have no wheels so friction and scaring occur where the trigger meets the sear and again where the sear meets the spear. This friction and scarring causes damage and throws off your shot. And, it gets worse over time.

However, with the MAKO Speearguns Double Roller Trigger, there is no friction so your speargun is just as accurate on your first shot as it is many years later.

The patented 100% stainless steel double roller triggers, made for MAKO, by Ermes Sub are available on all Mako Spearguns, including the Titans, Spartans and their full line of wood guns.

As for the price, because MAKO sells direct, MAKO guns, which all include the double roller triggers, actually cost less than older guns with friction triggers.