Video: How To Put On An Open Cell Wetsuit

Video: How To Put On An Open Cell Wetsuit

Posted by MAKO Spearguns on Jan 11th 2023

In this video Amanda is going to demonstrate how to put on a MAKO Spearguns open cell wetsuit.

Amanda demonstrates the steps to put your wetsuit on - check it out here

Open Cell wetsuits provide greater warmth and comfort with less bulk, and less lead required to control your buoyancy.

In this video, Amanda is going to demonstrate how to put on an open cell wetsuit.

We offer two types of wetsuits, Open Cell Wetsuits and Closed Cell wetsuits. Closed cell wetsuits have a lining on the inside and require no lubricant when putting them on. The open cell wetsuits do not have a lining so they do require a special lubricant to put them on.

Although they require a lubricant for putting them on, Open Cell Suits are more popular when diving in colder waters because they keep you much warmer than closed cell suits.

We recommended MAKO Spearguns brand wetsuit lubricant called "Suit Slide". It is non allergenic and non petroleum based so it will not harm you or your suit.

Please note that this is not soap. Never use soap. Soap will harden when dry and cause your suit to bind and tear. Instead, use MAKO Suit Slide. It will nurture your suit and prevent tears.

In the video Amanda will begin with the bottoms by applying the Suit Slide Lubricant, a lot is better than not enough. Spray in the top of the pants and then spray lubricant in each leg opening.

It helps to use your hand and spread the suit slide around inside next you'll want to spray the lubricant on your legs and spread it around.

Now the wetsuit bottoms will slide on effortlessly.

Be careful not to put your fingernails on the inside of the suit, as this could cause small fingernail tears. When grabbing the suit, be sure to grab only the lined exterior with your fingers.

Then repeat the process for the top, spraying the MAKO Suit Slide liberally in the torso opening, and spreading it around. Again, a lot is much better than not enough!

Next spray the lubricant in the arms and spread it around. Don't forget to spray inside the hood area too.

finally, we'll spray some Suit Slide on our arms and spread it around.

Now your suit top will slide right on as easily as the bottoms did.

Start by putting arms in the sleeves. Then pull the suit over your head and down until it's fully in place

Again, do not place your fingernails on the inside of the suit. Instead, she only grabs the lined exterior of the suit with her fingers.

The last step is to reach behind you and grab the beaver tail and snap it in place.

Please be sure to also watch our video showing how to take off your open cell suit.

The correct method of putting on and taking off your wetsuit will add years to the life of your suit.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.