Freedive Mask with GoPro Mount

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Freedive Mask with GoPro Mount

(w/ optional corrective lenses)

Designed specifically for Freedivers but can be used by scuba divers as well! And now, available with optional corrective lenses!! Easily changeable. If your eyes change you can swap out for a different lenses.


The MAKO Freedive Mask with Go Pro Mount is a super low volume mask made specifically for Freedivers.

Low Volume = Dive deeper and equalize less!

The low volume requires less equalization, meaning longer and more relaxed dives.

The Go Pro mount accepts all Go Pro and similar camera systems to record all your underwater adventures.

Hey Guys,
Don’t let our low prices fool you. We use the exact same factories as the expensive brands. But, we only sell direct to divers.


Dive safe,

Features Include:

  • Great for Freediving
  • Super Low Volume
  • Adjustable strap with swivel buckles for comfort fit
  • Works with all GoPro® camera housings
  • Super-Soft Silicon Skirt fits any face guaranteed
  • Anatomically correct nose pocket with one handed ear equalization
  • Dual safety tempered glass lenses
  • Embedded nut for thumb screw (will not fall out)
  • Patented camera mount #9,077,877
  • 1 Year Warranty

*GoPro ® Camera not included

Video: How to defog your dive mask

freedive mask with gopro mount

The Freedive Mask with GoPro Mount works with all GoPro housings

image-divider GoPro Status Mirror

Don’t guess and risk losing that once in a lifetime video - the GoPro Status Mirror lets you know the status of your GoPro

mask travel box

Includes travel box

Dive Mask Defogger

Provides long lasting anti-fog protection for your dive mask without harming surrounding silicone or rubber.

Comes in easy application bottle and is safe for all glass and plastic lenses.

Add Mask Defogger to your order using the dropdown menu option above.

Dive Mask Defogger

Dive Mask Defogger

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  • 5
    Awesome mask

    Posted by Hudson Breese on Dec 28th 2022

    Best one I’ve ever had and the drag from the camera is very low you can barely tell

  • 5

    Posted by Esteban Cotayo on Sep 2nd 2022

    Super great and convenient for the goproo

  • 4
    Great Mask. My nose is too big.

    Posted by Charlotte on Jun 8th 2022

    The mask itself is great, especially the conformable seal. It doesn't leak at all on my face, even with the added weight of the GoPro on top. The only drawback is that the bridge of my noes bruises when I wear it (especially with the added GoPro resistance/weight). I have never thought my nose was particularly big, but the bridge of my nose might be because I also sometimes struggle to find swimming goggles that fit well over the bridge of my nose (maybe my Dutch blood). Just a heads up to any others who know the bridge of their nose is wide/big.

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa West on Jan 29th 2021

    Exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you for a great shopping experience!!

  • 5
    My favorite mask!

    Posted by Happy Spearo on Dec 1st 2020

    Works great for free diving. Holds camera in place through multiple duck dives. Performed great during multiple scuba diving classes, all the way to 100ft. Cleared easily. Warm or cold water performed nicely. Got down to 49 degrees. No issues with the straps. I did buy a neoprene cover for the straps which is nice and looks cool. Priced excellent for a quality mask.

  • 5
    Mako GoPro mask

    Posted by Matthew Castellanos on Sep 23rd 2020

    Gear fitting mask! Comfy and low volume. Just would bulk up the mask straps. Second dive went to adjust it and straps snapped and lost the mask.

  • 4
    Good mask, low volume

    Posted by Evan Britton on Aug 25th 2020

    This mask is very nice. Soft skirt, good fitting strap, and clear glass. The skirt around the bottom of the nose could extend a bit farther down to avoid having to be fresh shaven all the time for a leak free fit. The GoPro mount works perfectly and is the main reason I purchased this mask.

  • 5
    Great Mask

    Posted by Richard E Marcello Jr on Aug 5th 2020

    The gopro connection makes this even better. The mask is great. Looks small but fits great. Maybe a little tight under the nose but works great and seals great

  • 5
    great low profile mask

    Posted by Nathan Cook on Jul 22nd 2020

    Great mask for the price. The intigrated GoPro mount adapts my GoPro camera easily. The plastic storage container it comes in is nice to.

  • 5
    Fits great

    Posted by Timothy Owen on Jul 2nd 2020

    I notice no difference between this and my mask that cost $30 more. It holds my GoPro very well. No leaks. Fits my face pretty perfectly, I have a fairly narrow face.

  • 5

    Posted by Vanessa Goleski on Jun 16th 2020

  • 4
    Great Mask

    Posted by Jacob Slupecki on Jun 16th 2020

    Great mask but it has terrible fogging.