1000 Lumen Dive Light

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Item Description

1000 Lumen Dive Light (Rated to 450 feet deep)

If you are looking for an awesome dive light, this is it!

MAKO Spearguns has teamed up with the world’s leading dive light maker, OrcaTorch to offer this amazing dive light.

It delivers a HUGE 1000 Lumens! With 70 degree projection and 8 degree center beam, and is rated to a depth of 150 meters.

The MAKO 1000 Lumen Dive light runs on a rechargeable (one 18650 battery) for 5 hours 45 minutes in Low mode, and 2 hours 5 minutes in Bright mode.

It measures 5.75” long and has a push button on/off magnetic tail switch to easily control the three modes (bright, low, strobe).


  • 1000 Lumen flashlight rated to 150 meters deep
  • Rechargeable 18650 battery
  • Battery charger
  • Extra O ring and replacement tail switch

Wrist Glove Flashlight Holder

Operate and store your dive light in hands free mode with this awesome "Wrist Glove Flashlight Holder".

The MAKO Spearguns 1000 Dive Light Wrist Glove is fully adjustable with the Velcro strap and securely holds your flashlight in place while diving.

1000 Dive Light Wrist Holder
1000 Dive Light Wrist Holder on arm

Diving Light Holster

The Diving Light Holster securely holds the MAKO 1000 Lumen diving light on your belt or BC, so it’s right there when you need it.

Made of durable cordura nylon, the Diving Light Holster has a rugged Velcro closure top and fits all dive belts.

Diving Light Holster

Elastic Lanyard

These elastic lanyards stretch to allow you to pull your hand free when needed.


If you get your flashlight caught on something, you must be able to pull your hand free from your lanyard. Not all lanyards are elastic. If your lanyard is not elastic, DO NOT USE IT!

Available in black, neon yellow, neon orange and blue.

elastic lanyard

Heavyweight Speargun Mounting Bracket (SCUBA)

Perfect for Scuba divers who need a heavy sinking speargun!

The MAKO Spearguns Heavyweight Speargun Flashlight bracket fits on any speargun and mounts the super bright MAKO 1000 Lumen dive light right to your speargun barrel.

If you hunt in rocky areas, you will shoot more fish with the MAKO Spearguns Heavyweight Speargun Flashlight Bracket and light attached to your speargun.

Learn more about mounting the Heavyweight Speargun Flashlight Mounting Bracket on your speargun here

Heavyweight Flashlight Mounting Bracket

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  • 5
    Mako / Orca Torch 1000 LMN DIVE LIGHT

    Posted by Hunter on Apr 25th 2023

    First off it's important to know that these lights from MAKO are in fact Orca Torch D550's that have the MAKO branding on them.....which makes them even nicer! These lights are not only awesome as a back-up but even as a primary. They don't overheat and have a long burn time. They also run on standard 18650 rechargeable batteries that are extremely common. I love the tail switch as it's easy to use even in a cold water environment with thick gloves. he kit from MAKO comes with light, battery, charger and a nice hard case. Best for last is that this MAKO / D550 is the BEST price you'll find and my experience with MAKO is that they 100% back up their products..

  • 5

    Posted by Marius on Mar 14th 2023

    Mako has the best quality, prices and customer service. This is not the first item I buy from them, so I’ll continue to be their customer anytime I need diving related products. Thank you Mako!

  • 5

    Posted by CARLOS MONTALVO on Sep 1st 2022


  • 5
    Affordable quality gear

    Posted by Wendell Wall on Oct 20th 2020

    Love the wrist mount and size & power

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff on Aug 31st 2020

  • 5
    Dive Light

    Posted by Garret Cross on Aug 31st 2020

    Very bright and charges fast. Also comes with extra accessories. Reasonably priced compared to other dive lights.

  • 5
    Comparison to a more expensive brand

    Posted by Jason S. on Aug 25th 2020

    When I ordered this like I had middling hopes and would have not been surprised to get an awesome product nor would it have been a shock to have a sub par product. What I received blew my expectations out of the water! This is a fantastic light! Its relatively small, durable, survives the rinse cycle of the mighty pacific, and makes sure that you see ever detail! When compared to my dive buddies far more expensive light, there was absolutely no difference in the brightness of lights or charge length. The only small issue that I faced was there is little instruction about how long a charge can take, from low to full charge took about 4 and a half hours for me. So be sure to have everything charged before hitting the water! To reiterate. I very highly recommend this product. I had confidence in mako products before and this purchase sealed the deal, I will reccomend this light to any and everyone who needs a good budget light that still outshines the more expensive options!

  • 5

    Posted by Jim on Aug 5th 2020

    This is a great light! Small and powerful and focused for looking under ledges. It is so bright that you can have your head outside of the ledge and be in sunlight, yet the light is powerful enough to allow you to see into the back of a hole. Less powerful lights require you to stick your head under the ledge and shield your eyes from the ambient light. Also, I keep the head unscrewed just enough to prevent the light from turning on. The rear switch can get bumped in a bag or on the boat, so with the head unscrewed a tiny bit, it ensures it wont come on and kill the battery the night before. Takes 1 second to turn the head when you want to start using it for the first time n the dive.

  • 5
    This light wor...

    Posted by Kate on Jun 8th 2020

    This light works great, helps me see under rocks even when the visibility is poor. Battery hasn’t died on me yet, I’ve been out for 3+ hour long dives on a single charge

  • 5
    Great flash light for the price

    Posted by chris s. on Apr 2nd 2020

    I just had my first dive with this flash light. by far the brightest i've own. it lights up caves really well! i dove for about 7 hours, turning the light on and off through out it and it still had power to turn on at the end of the day. always on the "high" mode. i dont think you can go wrong getting this light for the price.

  • 5
    best light on the market

    Posted by Reid Smith on Dec 13th 2019

    At this price point you can't find a better dive light than this. It is very bright and has a much broader beam than most dive lights. It would work well fro photography. I've used it on several dives now and it works perfectly for exploring recesses looking for grouper or lobster. I keep mine on retracting cable attached to my BC and I really like that it has a twist off switch to eliminate accidental turn on, but then can be thumb activated while I'm exploring.

  • 4
    Great light

    Posted by Justin Phillips on Dec 13th 2019

    Very bright and good battery life. My only complaint is that I have to cycle through bright beam and low beam before turning off. Would prefer just to have a simple on and off.