Slip Tip Keeper with T Latch rubber band

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Item Description

MAKO Spearguns Slip Tip Keeper with T Latch Rubber Band

Perfect for securing slip tips to your spear (while on the boat or while transporting your gun). Similar to the our Spear Tip Protector, the Slip Tip Protector with T Latch Rubber Band keeps your slip tip firmly attached to your spear.

Simply install the Slip Tip Protector onto the slip tip and connect the T Latch Rubber Band to the loop on your shooting line. It is that simple. The slip tip is held securely and will not come off.

This simple yet effective set up protects you and those around you. Additionally, the Slip Tip Keeper prevents fraying if using stainless steel cable caused by slip tips flopping around, and also protects against puncturing your gear while traveling.


  • Slip Tip Protector
  • 8 inch rubber band w/ T latch
  • Dyneema for rigging.

Choose between 6.5 - 7.0mm shaft diameter or 7.5 - 8.0mm shaft diameter.