3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear

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MAKO Spearguns 3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear

Perfect for small to medium size fish and perfect for travel, the MAKO Spearguns 3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear is three pole spears in one. Capable of taking fish weighing as much as 10 to 15 lbs, this 3 piece design measures a whopping 6' 7" and breaks down to only 27.5" long for easy storage and travel and allows you to configure the length to your specific needs.

3 piece: 6' 7" long for normal hunting conditions
2 piece: 4' 5" or 4' 11" long for close range hunting and Lion Fish hunting
1 piece: 33" inches long strictly for killing Lion Fish

MAKO uses a high strength, corrosion resistant, anodized aircraft aluminum spear which will NEVER yield painful fiberglass splinters in the hand (like some inexpensive fiberglass pole spears do when worn down). The connecting joints of the MAKO Pole Spear are supported by recessed flush screw on connectors for a smooth release.

The 3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear includes:

  • Three interchangeable sections for 3 different pole spear lengths.
  • One 5 prong cluster (paralyzer tip) with "sure grip" barbs on each prong.
  • One full length MAKO "Latex Power Band" for 3 pc and 2 pc hunting.
traveler pole spear configurations

The 3-in-1 Traveler Pole Spear supports 3 configurations:

• 3 piece: 6 feet 7 inches
• 2 piece: 4 feet 5 inches or 4 feet 11 inches
• 1 piece: 33 inch Lion Fish Killer

Optional Lionfish Barbless Tip & Short Band

For hunting Lion Fish, you can select the optional "3-Prong Barbless Lion Fish Tip & Short Band". Designed specifically for hunting Lion Fish, the tip has 3 prongs (without barbs) making removal quick and easy, while the shorter band is designed specifically for using just a single section of the pole spear.

Lion Fish Tip and band available Optional Lion Fish Tip available

Optional Lion Fish 3 Prong Barbless Tip & Short Band

Optional Grip Kit (discontinued)

The Pole Spear Grip Kit lets you hold longer, stronger without slipping. Installation instructions are here.

Pole Spear Grip Kit

Pole Spear Grip Kit includes grip tape & O-rings

Optional Spearfishing Gloves

These gloves make gripping your pole spear very easy with their non-slip palm and finger coating that also provides excellent cut and puncture resistance when hunting around reefs, wrecks, or targeting lion fish, crabs & lobster.

Spearfishing Gloves - Non-Slip Palm, Cut Resistant/Puncture Resistant

Non-Slip Palm, Cut Resistant/Puncture Resistant

Optional Converter & 6" Single Flopper Tip

Converts the 5 prong tip that comes with the pole spear to a 6 inch, Heavy Duty Flopper Tip.

traveler pole spear with converter and 6 inch single flopper tip


Optional Mesh Carry Bag

Not just a typical mesh bag for your pole spear, the Optional Mesh Carry Bag is a complete storage solution for your pole spear and your pole spear tips.

The Mesh Carry Bag has 2 separate compartments - A main pocket for pole spears and an accessory pocket for pole spear tips.

pole spear mesh bag

The Pole Spear Mesh Carry Bag fits traveler pole spear sections from 22" up to 44" long.

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  • 5
    Excellent service!

    Posted by Gregory Pridgen on Aug 5th 2020

    I purchased the 3 in 1 traveler pole spear and the order was processed and shipped immediately. Upon arrival I opened my package and it was exactly as described. I love the ability to use the spear at full length or shorten the length and change out the tip for lionfish. Great quality product for a great price!

  • 5
    Great For Beginners or small/medium fish

    Posted by Daniel Noble on Jul 22nd 2020

    Great Poles Spear, used it as soon as I received it. Small to medium sized fish wont stand a chance. The pronged tip will hold on to the speared fish very well. The band that comes originally with the spear is also easy to load. The grip could be better if the poles spear had texture, it slips a lot when cocked heavily no matte what gloves. Prongs will rust if not taken care of. All around its a great pole spear and at a absolutely great price! will recommend to anyone.

  • 4
    Excellent value.

    Posted by Calvary Straub on Jul 6th 2020

    I've had this spear for a couple months now, and I can confidently say it whoops booty. This thing is great. The aluminum is durable yet lightweight, so you get decent speed and it's no sweat if you drop it on some rocks or it gets tossed around the boat. Plus, it's an all in one package that comes standard with a 5 prong tip & band. There are a few caveats, though. If you want to land bigger fish (anything above 5 pounds) you need a different tip. This requires you to get an adapter piece AND a new tip, which is kind of a pain. More parts = more areas for things to fail. Additionally, it isn't the fastest spear in the world. Sometimes, you'll do everything right and a fish will just react quicker than you can spear it. That being said, this spear offers a rare combination of perks: it's inexpensive, easy to use, and strong. If you're just getting into the sport of spearfishing or need something close range to keep in your back pocket, this spear is the best option on the market.

  • 4
    Great starter pole spear

    Posted by Emory Schamp on Jun 24th 2020

    Spear has landed about 6 dozen panfish, one 5lb catfish, a dozen northern pike and two carp before getting knocked off boat and lost in the low visibility of fresh water. If shooting bigger fish i would reccomend something other than the 5 prong. A little slow for crappie but works well if you can get close enough.

  • 4
    Great Pole

    Posted by Gage Hamilton on Jun 16th 2020

    The material and finish of this pole spear are really great. But the spear tips that come with it the 3 and 5 prong are not that sharp and very short and slightly dull when you get them.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Jeremy Unrau on May 22nd 2020

    Tried it for the first time and successfully landed two fish. The grip kit definitely made handling and loading the pole easier. Shoots straight and holds the fish. Happy with the quality. Nice and light, good quality threading on fittings. On a more personal note - you guys paid for the shipping cost of the mesh bag. I thought it came with a hard case but it didnt. So when I emailed, an employee mentioned covering the shipping costs if I paid the product price alone. So thank you. Living on vancouver island the shipping cost was quite high so I really appreciate that.

  • 5

    Posted by Juan Gonzalez on May 19th 2020

  • 5
    traveler pole spear

    Posted by MONT on Mar 23rd 2020

    Everything looks great, arrived quickly but have not used yet. Will provide an update in the future after using. Accurate length. The 27" length inside the case just fits in one of my larger suitcases. Since I measured before ordering I knew that would be the case.

  • 4
    Pole spear killed

    Posted by James Lloyd on Feb 20th 2020

    Did its job well. Light weight and stayed straight. Joints tend to unscrew while hunting. Excellent value. Handy travel case.

  • 5
    Travel Spear

    Posted by Richard Cook on Feb 2nd 2020

    The travel spear is well made and accurate. I have enjoyed using it. It was my first time spear fishing and with little practice I was able to use is successfully.

  • 5
    3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 2nd 2020

    I couldn’t be happier with the product or the service. They go out of their way to make sure you get what you need when you need it.

  • 5
    Customer service

    Posted by DANIEL NORTH on Dec 22nd 2019

    I was taking a trip to Belize, last minute. And wanted a travel pole spear. The issue was ,could I get it in time. The staff at Mako hand delivered it to the post office so as not to loss a day. SOLID